2013 Trip One day one

Well, everyone else is in bed but I said I would do this daily so here goes.  Sunday Jan 13th and we got out of Dodge, so to speak.  MN was hovering near zero and Orlando was 80 degrees upon touchdown.  Nice timing!  Thanks for the ride to the airport,Kathy.  Did not have to wear our parkas up to the bus stop.

Chris wants to get a post card daily.  We checked 3 stores at the Orlando airport, looking for a  generic “Welcome to Florida” but they did not even have any postcards.  Smartphone covers yes but post cards no.  Luckily I was wise enough to check the grocery store this evening and found two so she can choose which one she wants.  Good going Ed.

THe flight had some bumpiness but the movie distracted us for most of the flight.  The ear phones we bought a few years ago worked and we did not have to shell out for new ones.  Means I need to get cracking and finish one of the paperbacks so I can swap with Jude.

We landed at 5:30 which gave us enough time to find the rental car and drop our bags into it and go find Bernie and Tony who arrived at 6;30.  Our Hertz reservation was done through Travelocity-it must have been cheaper-and I forgot to put in the plane flight so our name was not on the board but the Gold counter took care of us quickly–once we realized the ramp had an R2 for rental cars and a P2 for parking ramp.  First day and our ability to smoothly handle items was almost blown up.

We had planned to stop at a Chipotle half way to the Westgate Town Center resort for dinner. Our printed trip directions went fine until the last half mile.  Bernie came to the rescue with her iPhone and we found it in a strip mall.  Hhhmm, will a smartphone be in our future?

Got to Westgate and the disadvantages of having two last names came into play.  They could not find our reservation.  When we were here in 2008 with the girls, they found it under Chris.  THis time they found it under “&”.  THe four of us were starting to forget Minnesota Nice.

Bernie, Tony and I went to Publix and bought food for breakfast and one dinner.  Don’t worry Jude,  we bought nothing you will like.

The 3 BR unit is very nice.  Can hear the fountain in the lake outside our unit.  I imagine the two soaking tubs will get a workout Monday night after a day at Hollywood Studios.  Yes, daughters, Bernie and Tony will join us at the gate when it opens at 9 AM.  No sluggards here.  Of course, by the end of the week, Bernie and Tony may regret deciding to go on another vacation with the two of us.

Ed   11:25 pm

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