2013 Trip One Day Four

Quick note for MN and similar people.  82 degrees and partly cloudy.

Today was a new adventure.  We drove to Apopka, FL (thanks to Bernie’s iPhone and directions since our planned route did not anticipate a major highway being completely closed.)

We went to Kings Landing on the  Rock Springs Run, next to Wekiwa state park.   We canoe’d an 8.5 mile trek in two canoes, Bernie and Tony in one, Chris and Ed in the other.  Bernie and Tony can comment on their own experience but all in all for a group of people who have not canoe’d much, it went very well.  For us, not having canoed for probably thirty years. I thought we did quite well.  THe current started out easy and increased quite a bit by the end.  While that helps the speed, it made turns and maneuvering much more tricky.  The Run has a lot of curves, lily pads, stumps and submerged tree trunks, and overhanging branches.  But no one ended up in the water and no major cuts or bruises.  Ed  did have to recover one shoe that got stuck in the muck as we put the canoes back in the water after a gourmet lunch break of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  AND, thanks to Bernie it was natural peanut butter, not Jif.


So what did we see?  A ton of turtles, quite large ones.  Beautiful birds — okay I am not good at identifying birds.  Alligators.  Yup, about 5.  2 small ones, 3 large ones of which one was about 7-9 feet long.  THey stayed on the bank and we stayed in the canoe on the water. A doe and fawn.


The banks were green but not flowering.  (It is January.)  It was quiet and a rewarding, pleasant and different experience for us. Kings Landing picked us up and brought us back to the starting point and our car. We got back to the Westgate Town Center around 5 and after cleaning up, CHris and I went to pick up Jude.  Her Southwest flight was late so we ended up back here about 8:45 for some dinner and conversation.

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One thought on “2013 Trip One Day Four

  1. Deb

    congrats on the adventure! your next adventure may be when Bernie and her smartphone leave you behind… 🙂

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