2013 Trip One Day Five

imageOkay I admit it.  I did not enter this post last night, I am doing it the morning of day 6.  Gee whiz, I am not completely disciplined and organized.  Although my sibs might disagree after another day of “Okay, everyone ready, let’s head out.  or Faster, we have to be at Soarin to use our FastPass”  And no Sarah and Deb, we did not use a spread sheet to plan the timing this trip.

But, as we all re-leaarned, discipline can increase pleasure.  We got to Epcot at 9 when crowds are lighter.  I made the quick dash to get Fast Pass for Soarin and then met people at Test Track.   We spent the morning and early afternoon at the Future World side.

During the course of the day, we found numerous “Hidden Mickeys”.  Mickey Mouse was only supposed to be at the Magic Kingdom, at least in the early planning.  So Disney people have subtly inserted hidden mickey mouse ears and whole mickeys in various places, such as the flowers arranged like mickey ears in the photo above.

Once again, the advantages of traveling at a less busy time paid off.  (THANKS Jim Walsh and the St. Paul Pioneers football team.  To those of you who may not know, this trip is a late add-on.  My nephew Jim is a coach for the St. Paul Pioneers who went undefeated in the NEFL and are playing a national championship game in Daytona Beach this Saturday.  Once we heard that, we knew we just had to come down and cheer.  Oh, since we are down here, why not throw on some more days and go traveling.  So we are and Bernie, Tony, and Jude have joined us for part of the time and all of the cheering to come on Saturday.)

Weather report.  Started out sunny and got to about 75.  Around noon the clouds and wind picked up and temps dropped down all the way to 58 by the time we left Epcot.  A little drizzle at 3 pm but we were prepared and had our layers .  Still much preferred to zero to twenty back home.

In Future World we pretty much hit all of the rides and attractions we wanted to see.Soaring, Test Track, Circle of Life, Seas with Nemo, Captain EO, etc.  We even had time to sit and relax and eat ice cream.

Early afternoon we headed over to World Showcase and a good choice by Bernie had us eating Moroccan food for lunch.  Made it to American Adventure, Films in France and China, rides in Norway and Mexico., hat purchase in France, etc.   We made the conscious decision to pass up Illuminations and headed home at 8 pm.

Today is cooler and cloudy and our planning has us scheduled for Kennedy Space Center.  Hope your day is just awesome dude.

Ed 7;30 am

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2 thoughts on “2013 Trip One Day Five

  1. Deb

    Wait, everyone wants to know a few things still!
    1. Did Bernie go on Soarin and did it go ok?
    2. Do you still have to stand for the whole China movie and did anyone complain and make it feel like Sarah and I were there with you?

    • All five went on Soarin and Bernie did fine. Test Track was only Tony, Chris and Ed.
      Yes you still stand for China and mom just looked straight ahead and was okay.
      Of course no one complained. I had the only set of car keys.
      Nothing could match a trip with Sarah and Deb, young or relatively young.

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