2013 Trip One Day Six

Weather report. As expected, Friday was cooler with periodic brief showers. Temps were mainly in the 50s. We planned to visit Kennedy Space Center today because of this.

The drive from Orlando took about an hour and a quarter. No need for Bernie’s GPS, directions were simple. We arrived about 11:30–yes, we took it a bit easier today. In fact Jude and Tony after breakfast walked over to one of the resort’s stores and bought a cup of their coffee and a Krispy Kreme. Bernie did her TV yoga. Thus, all were in a happy frame of mind. (Chris and Ed are always happy. We are not working.) The drives were a time of reminiscing and Heimel humor.

The bus tour (with two stops to get out) of the area takes a bit over two hours and we were able to get closer to the launch and control areas. We saw a Saturn 5 rocket and capsule up close and personal along with several areas of memorabilia and videos of the space program. We finished up with an Imax film of the International Space Station.

Chris did not want to do the Imax so she took some pictures, wandered around the other displays and, wonder of wonders, got into a conversation with one of the employees. The employee recommended a local restaurant for dinner, Pauls Smokehouse which was excellent. Fantastic prices, great food, and a view over the channel (Indian RIver?) looking towards the space center buildings.

We did have an interesting experience getting into the Space Center. THis is not quite the Disney level of planning, direction, and staff assistance. THe parking area had two lanes marked for entering it. THe one on the right had about 20 cars. THe one on the left had one. So we got into the left one. Well sho nuff down at the end as it made a sharp turn into the parking, the second money taker lane was closed and you had to merge into one lane. Well the people on the right were not pleased to see some newcomer ( our car license plate was from VA so no harm done to MN reputation) cut ahead of them. We did have to wait a few cars but we got in-(even the Merecedes was testy, you would have thought he would have been more worried about his paint job than he was). BUt in our defense there was no sign and no visual clue of only one money booth open. BUt, the whole line had to start taking turns since about 8 cars got behind us in the second lane.

So no hot tub and no pool Friday. Saturday is the big game and we plan to go to Merritt Island National Wildlife Rufuge by the ocean and to Daytona Beach before the game. Temps back into the mid 70s. Bernie and Tony will have to soak it up before heading back. Sunday and Monday temps there will be below zero.

Ed 7 AM

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One thought on “2013 Trip One Day Six

  1. Joyce

    Okay, a late comer, catching up! I seem to recall that Paul’s Smokehouse is where a lot of the astronauts gathered. Maybe I’m off base (no pun intended) and maybe I’m confused with a place near the Johnson Space Center. After all, I’ve been to there. 🙂 Sounds like y’all are having a wonderful time!

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