2013 trip one day eight



Jan. 20

well the next phase of the trip begins.  Sunday I arose at 4am to bring tony and Bernie to the airport so they could return to sub zero Minnesota.  Yes, I crashed last night and was in bed at 9 pm which is why this being written Monday morning. at 8:30 am Chris and I checked out of westgate anto brought Jude to the airport for her flight to Santa Fe. Then then I’m trying to dictate from the iPad and it seems to work. Hey this is cool but he may take up a lot of battery power. So the next phase involves trouble with just Chris and. We drove to Ocala Florida to the national forest there. We stopped at the Juniper Springs recreation area and discovered that there are now new fees due to budget crunches. Our national passes still came in handy to provide a reduced fee admission. Juniper Springs is one of the many free-flowing springs that feed the rivers and lakes of northern Florida.  We have been amazed by the springs, rivers, and lakes of the region. We had our usual peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch around the springs. Number of people were jumping into the Springs. After all it was mainly sunny and a high of 72°. This portion of the forest had a nice and different combination of high growth underbrush and intertwining pre-branches overhead.   Right now the dictation is acting up and crashing. Our second walk of the day was in a different portion of the forest. This was an area of only low growth scrub. Our third walk was at Lake George. Next we headed over to the ocean. Our next stop was at Washington Oaks Garden State Park. Since this is more of a dormant growing seaso., not many flowers were blooming. But it was still lush and beautiful. Our final stop was that Matanzas national Monument.  We hope to return there later. Sunday night was our first evergreen lodging night. We will be exploring St. Augustine today. ed  7:30 am

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2 thoughts on “2013 trip one day eight

  1. How were the evergreens?

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