2013 Trip One Day Seven






Sorry this post got published out of order.  Still learning on this thing.

Top picture is from day 6.  Kennedy space center.

middle from day 7, Jan 19, Merritt Island

bottom from day 7, Pioneers game


Important Note-St. Paul Pioneers win the chanpionship game 30-7 over the No. Texas Longhorns at Daytona Municipal Stadium. So the gang (Jude, Bernie, Tony, Ed and Chris) joined Heidi, Seamus, Beret and Jim Sr in cheering on the Pioneers. It is nice to watch your team win. Congrats to Jim for all of his efforts with the defense to make the game such a success.

We began the day by heading out to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refgue right by Kennedy Space Center. We did a short loop walk around the visitor center and then headed over to the wildlife trail. This is a multi mile drive with opportunities for continual stopping to observe a wide variety of wild life. Birds a plenty there were. Pink, blue, white, gray, brown. Some of them we could identifyf, some we were uncertain about but it was still enjoyable and exciting to see the numbers and vaariety.

And we did see a few more alligators which was nice for Jude who had not been with us for the canoe trip on Wednesday where we had spotted several gators.

our next stop was a manatee viewing area where the manatee frequently congregaate. THe wildlife refuge staff person told us not to get our hopes up to see them since the temperature of the water was about 63 degrees and the manatee normally prefer slightly warmer water. For whatever reason, there were two manatee present and we were able to see them.

Next up on our way to the game was Daytona Beach where we drove the car onto the beach. It is allowed here in numerous areas and it was quite a different experience after normally seeing signs that either severely restrict all beach access or are people only. IT was cloudy, windy and with temps in high 60s. The surf was stronger than we fhave usually seen in Miami Beach or NJ type beaches.

We visited an Italian bakery acorss the street and Bernie treated us to cannoli, arigula, and rum balls which we ate on our way to the game. Turns we did not need to hurry. There were several games scheduled today at the stadium and the Pioneer game was delayed. We decided to go to a Cracker Barrel and have dinner. We made it back to the game early in the first quarter so that allowed us to

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2 thoughts on “2013 Trip One Day Seven

  1. I like the pictures!

  2. Joyce

    Yikes! That’s too big a ‘gater for my taste. Well, ‘gater meat can be good. 🙂 Be sure to try some while you’re there!!!

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