2013 Trip One, Day 11, Jan.23rd

Ed at Cummer museum and Garden, Jacksonville

Ed at Cummer museum and Garden, Jacksonville

Cummer museum

Cummer museum

Downtown fountain along st.johns river, Jacksonville

Downtown fountain along st.johns river, Jacksonville

This day was a bit more relaxed. Jacksonville is larger than St.Paul and Minneapolis combined but seems more like a city to live in than visit.  From brief observation, housing prices are lower. The St. John’s river is very wide here and downtown is on both banks of the river.

Our day began with a breakfast of cheesy grits casserole and ham. I believe this is the first time we have had grits and the fact that we had two or three servings is a positive testament to our host’s cooking.

After breakfast and conversation, we dvisited the Cummer museum and gardens.  The museum is a manageable size and does an excellent job of having audio and visual displays to provide a background to art.

As the picture shows, it was a very pleasanat day to relax and enjoy the gardens so we did–we thought frequently and fondly of our friends and relatives in different climates.

Our next stop was the river place landing. This is their effort to utilize the waterfront for entertainment and dining. It was pleasant and we had lunch here but certainly does not compare to San Antonio and I was surprised at how under utilized it was-in my opinion.

We took a water taxi to the other bank.  Our hosts had suggested visiting their broker on the 15th floor of one of the towers to obtain a better view of both sides of the  river, how it curves through downtown, the shipping port, etc.  We did except it turns out the brokerage firm had moved a few months previously.  The receptionist at the law firm on the same floor gave us the new address and information but we decided not to go there.  Instead, since the empty space had one open door we went inside-surprise, no one was there, and since we were once inside, it would have been foolissh to not take a few pictures, which we did.

Mission successful, we were going to leave when Chris remembered our hostess had mentioned that the University Club was on the top, 27th, floor and that even though private they would surely let us look out from that vantage.  Chris the schmmozer was all gung ho so we went up.  Gentleman that I am, I let her do all of the talking.

Result.  Margaret, from Ohio who has been here for 31 years and lives not far from our hosts, took us to various vantage spots and pointed out numerous highlights.  Congrats to Chris.

We walked back over the bridge and did some more walking before heading back to our hosts.  We had a very enjoyable steak dinner at Stonewod Grill with our hosts-Dutch treat.We leave this morning for a few stops on our way to Amelia Island.

Ed  1/24 7:45 am

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2 thoughts on “2013 Trip One, Day 11, Jan.23rd

  1. Joyce

    Yum! Cheese grits! Now that’s some gud cookin’!

  2. Deb

    Such a nice picture of Dad! 🙂

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