2013 Trip One, Day 14, Jan. 26

We stayed around Amelia Island today.  Sunny and got into the low 70s.  Tomorrow we head back to St. Paul.

Our first stop was at Fort Clinch State Park.   This was primarily a Union fort deep in Confederate territory used to support the Union blockade.  The fort was in excellent condition and overlooks the Cumberland Sound between Cumberland Island, Amelia Island, and the port of Fernandina Beach which once was one of the deepest ports between here and New York-before dredging. The Union re-enacter on the premises gave us several new tidbits-like that washer women were paid $26 per month while the soldiers received $12.  We had lunch at the park enjoying the sun.

Our second stop was the Amelia Island History Museum which detailed the history of the area from the Timucuans, Spanish, French, British and Americans, including the three ill fated revolutionary attempts.  Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island are the only areas in the country that had 8 flags flying.

We finished up the day walking the streets of Fernandina Beach, eating ice cream and then having dinner outside again.

Fort Clinch state park

Fort Clinch state park

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One thought on “2013 Trip One, Day 14, Jan. 26

  1. Joyce & Lou

    So glad you had nice, sunny days in the South. Sounds like a great first outing for this adventuresome year!

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