2013, Trip One, Day 15

This was supposed to be a simple post. Mass at St. Michaels in Fernandina Beach, small church, decent homily on St Luke.  Day of travel to head back to Minnesota.  Drive to Orlando from Amelia Island and get home about 9 pm.

But, we had no seat assigned and we had some belief that the flight might be oversold. We arrived early as usual and the incoming flight was late.  Lo and behold, the announcement came that the flight to MSP was oversold and would any one be willing to give up their seat.  Well, we had discussed this in advance and jumped at the chance.  After all, our job now is to be travelers.  So we volunteered and are now at the Orlando Airport Courtyard with meal vouchers for tomorrow, $400 travel vouchers on Delta for each of us and another day to spend in a warmer clime.

Oh well, someone had to volunteer.  Might as well be us.




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One thought on “2013, Trip One, Day 15

  1. Joyce

    Whoo-hoo! I want a job like that!

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