2013 Trip Two Day Two Kauai

Dinner at Dukes with Kalapaki bay in bacground

Dinner at Dukes with Kalapaki bay in bacground

View from our back patio at Inn Paradise

View from our back patio at Inn Paradise

View of eastern shore of Kauai by Wailua.

View of eastern shore of Kauai by Wailua.

Another day in paradise and no sunburn yet.Deb and Rebecca, I hope you have power after the major New England blizzard.  We only had a few minutes of CNN coverage to view this morning but it did not look pleasant–unless you don’t have to shovel and can stay home.  Lucky for employers they have the weekend to clean up roads, etc.

We started the day relatively slow-think Evergreen again.  Our only had to goals were grocery shopping and church.  THe unit comes supplied with some basic essentials: OJ, 2% milk, bread and butter, homemade banana bread, etc.  Plus, 4 beer mugs stored in the freezer and just perfect to use to keep milk cold.  A basket of fruit, several of which came from the trees in the backyard, is also provided.

Inn Paradise has only 3 units and it is located in the hilly, agricultural area, not on the beach.  The property encompasses 3 acres with great landscaping.  (See the photo of the view from our back patio.)  The roosters did start making noise around 5 or so but it sounds more like background noise and not something that makes you up and keeps you up.  Easier to handle than having cats.  We saw the chickens all over the island and they are just as noisy at 5 pm as they are at 5 am.

We met our next door neighbor, Kathy Kovala, who lives in Nisswa MN and is an artist and art teacher.  She and her husband Chuck have been coming to Kauai for 17 years.  She recently started staying here  for 3 months and has a constant buisness of individual and group classes in watercolor.  She used to do rosemaling in Rhinelander WI.  She runs classes back in Nisswa the rest of the year.  We hope to see and buy some of her greeting cards and look at pictures on display at the Bull Shed restaurant in Kapaa some time this week.  Due to circumstances with one of her children, she may be moving to Winona so we passed on some tips about that fair city.

THe owners here are Major (yes that is his name, not his title) and Connie Inch.  Connie gave us the welcome tour last night and stopped over this morning.  The Inches moved here in 1989 and have had this operation running since 19990. They planted the fruit trees in back and educated us on Apple Bananas versus the standard ones who usually see in grocery stores.

After we called a halt to the discussion-to be continued later-we went for a walk around the property and then headed to Kapaa for groceries.We made a brief stop along the ocean, then went to Safeway for our basics-including peanut butter and jelly.

After lunch we went to Opaekaa Falls, the Wailua RIver and Kalapaki beach to get our first flavor of the island.  So far it is lush and very pleasant.  Narrow roads with speed limits ranging from 25 to 40 mph so it takes awhile to get somewhere.  We try to plan out our activvities to keep our travel in one general area.

After the beach, we went to a nice local church and ended up with dinner at Duke’s overlooking Kalapaki Beach. Chris and I both had nice local fish dinners.

Ed Fe9 9, 10 pm

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3 thoughts on “2013 Trip Two Day Two Kauai

  1. sarahheimel

    I love the smiles on your faces!

  2. bernie

    It sounds like the weather we are having here in MN. Now it is raining, no wait it is snowing, no…let;s call it sleet. Enjoy the roosters and the weather. Bernie

  3. Rebecca

    We have weathered the storm, and are all shoveled out. We are also jealous. But we will be there soon!

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