2013 Trip two Hawaii, Day One

Just realized this one never got updated. Was for Feb 8, 2013

No pictures today. This was our travel day. We got up at 5 AM Minnesota time. Thanks to Kathy we Arrived at the airport at 7 AM for our 9 AM flight. The first leg was to Los Angeles. The flight was full and we checked our carry-on bags At the gate through to Hawaii. With books and movies the flight went quickly.

We were not impressed with the Los Angeles airport. We had lunch there, nothing fantastic. The next leg of the flight was to the island of Kauai. Another full flight and of course the guy in front of me opted to put the seat back. I behave myself however.

Most amazingly, Chris played games on the TV screen device on the front of the seat. I did get a higher score than solitaire and she did, however. Not that my score was fantastic, the highest was 343 points. Chris was able to talk to her right hand seatmate who was from Hastings Minnesota. This woman has a timeshare and spends four weeks in Hawaii.

We landed around 7 PM and we’re not able to see much of the coastline. We picked up part jeep and drove to Inn Paradise. This will be our homebase for the next seven days. Since it was dark once we got our luggage (last bags off of the plane), We were unable to see much scenery. We were able to observe the amazingly bright stars in the sky.

Since we have been up for 20 hours, this will be the end of the post. Please forgive some of the typos as this was dictated and I’m not spending time to correct it now. We are looking forward to seeing the girls in a week. ¬†Hopefully Deb and Rebecca are surviving the major snowstorm in Nee England.

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