2013 Trip Two, Day 12 Maui


Hi everyone it’s Deb! I’m in Hawaii, whee! I will try to keep this Ed-esque with a little Deb flair.

Today we went snorkeling with retired marine biologist Ann Fielding and it was super fun. We got up early – even at 6am Mom sets a table for 6 and they make us hot breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausage. As if we aren’t spoiled enough simply by the trip! ¬†We met Ann at a local dive shop and she suited us up with fins, wet suits, and masks.

Mom and Sarah get fitted for wet suits

Mom and Sarah get fitted for wet suits

We drove to a nearby beach and she gave us about a 20 minute overview of the reef we would be snorkeling over and fish and coral we would likely see.  Then we put everything on and tried it out.

She took the younger generation out first and got us settled in so she could then spend time with Dad. ¬†Since he can’t swim, he was really nervous and was unsure if he’d be able to do it. ¬†But he put the mask on and put his face in the water with it! ¬†He didn’t feel safe with the waves though and decided to go back to the blankets. ¬†Yay for Dad for trying! ¬†Mom didn’t like the mask/mouthpiece and had a hard time getting the breathing right so she also went back to the shore. ¬†But the four¬†of us had a great time and swam around the reef with Ann for about an hour.

After, we regrouped on the blankets with THE BEST PINEAPPLE I HAVE EVER HAD and some granola bars.   We talked about all the fish we had seen and it was cute to watch Leismer in full-on science mode with Ann.

Ann and her class

Ann and her class

We spent the afternoon relaxing in a variety of ways – pool time, naps, and massages followed by a wonderful sunset.

Sunset from our deck

Sunset from our deck

We ended the night with a fabulous dinner by the Sarahs. Fresh mahi mahi and homemade salsa – delicious!



Overall, we are having a wonderful time. Thanks mom and dad!

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One thought on “2013 Trip Two, Day 12 Maui

  1. Bernie

    Looks like Anna has every ones attention. Surf, sunset and food what else could be better?

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