2013 Trip Two, Day 13 Maui Feb 20

The grill afterwards.

The grill afterwards.

Feb 20, 2013

Well lets just say we are all very thankful that Deb was not seriously hurt. More later. What,you want to know now? Oh, alright.

This was the night for Deb and Rebecca to make dinner. They had decided to barbecue brats, hot dogs, etc along with a variety of salads. They had checked the outdoor barbecue grill that afternoon before buying the food. It is located halfway between the pool and our unit.

I had just gone up to the unit to get a sharp knife. Rebecca was cooking in the kitchen and the others were getting ready for dinner and conversation. Deb was cooking brats. Suddenly, the propane outdoor barbecue exploded. Luckily the property manager lives on the property and heard the noise and came out. He grabbed a nearby fire extinguisher and put out any flames before a larger fire developed.

Deb was obviously shaken up and appeared to be fine. However, her legs and feet felt hot so she went and soaked them in the pool. Her upper thighs and feet have red areas which we believe may be sunburn and not burns from the propane but we are treating them with cold water and aloe freshly harvested from the herb garden here. Plus some Advil.

We ended going back to the grocery store and restocking food and cooked dinner inside. Then we discussed the rest of our day and plans for tomorrow which are exciting also.

But, back to what else we did today. For those of you on Facebook, you probably already know Deb, Sarah and Sarah took surfing lessons in the morning. Rebecca took photos. ( I do not have access to them yet.) The girls enjoyed it and hope to do more surfboarding (and snorkeling) on the Big Island.

They said their instructor reminded them of their cousin Dave. The other three people in their class were from Canada. We joked that the islands are overrun with people from Minnesota and Canada escaping the cold. (We met two couples from Canada on our tour and a family from Eagan MN this afternoon.)

While the ladies were frolicking in the sun, Chris and Ed went for a tour of the only pineapple farm still operating in the US. Maui Gold pineapple is marketed only in Hawaii and the West Coast. This allows them to ship fresher and sweeter fruit than Dole ships to the rest of the US from farms in Costa Rica and elsewhere. The previous company growing pineapple in Hawaii went out of business two years ago. Maui Gold is a start-up run by several of the previous managers.

We ate a fair amount of pineapple on the tour and it is much sweeter than we are used to. We brought two back with us–one of which disappeared in Deb’s cooking adventure. I will not go into all of the details of growing, harvesting, etc but if you did not know, you should be able to just twist off the top of the pineapple.

Our second stop was at Io Valley state park. Not much to write home about even though it was a site of one of the battles waged to unify Hawaii under one king. A further stop was a nature preserve. Also so-so.

Our final stop before the big dinner was a nature preserve about 3 miles south of our condo and the end of the road on this side of the island. It has restricted access to help preserve breeding and living grounds for dolphins, birds, etc.

The landscape here reminded us starkly that Hawaii exists due to volcanic action. So far, it is the only part of the island that strongly reflects that. However, tomorrow we try once again to visit the summit of Haleakala. Sarah and Sarah for a serious long hike. Chris and Ed for a moderate hike. Deb and Rebecca via a horseback journey. They probably made the best decision.

Ed 10:30 pm



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2 thoughts on “2013 Trip Two, Day 13 Maui Feb 20

  1. Bernie

    We are glad you were not hurt Deb!
    Are there coco nuts on any of the islands?

  2. Joyce

    So glad Deb wasn’t hurt! Have fun on the hikes/horseback trips. Yum to the pineapple! I’ll leave surfing to the girls; we do, however, enjoy snorkeling.

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