2013 Trip Two, Day 19, Big Island, Feb. 26

Kilauea Caldera at night

Kilauea Caldera at night

Hana Hou restaurant, Na'alehu, HI

Hana Hou restaurant, Na’alehu, HI

Feb 26.
As you can probably determine on your own, we made it to Volcanoes National Park. We left Kona in two cars at two different times to accommodate varying tastes in visiting sights along the way.

We met up at the restaurant in the southernmost city in the US, well south of Key West, FL and then again at the Visitors Center at the park. We wanted to make the 3 PM video at the visitors center to acquaint us with the park, its geology, and relationship to the Hawaiian people. We had sufficient time to talk with Paul, a volunteer, about various hiking options. We all agreed he did a great job. Another ranger was from Andover, MN. Paul and his wife, also a volunteer, are headed for MN in June to visit relatives.

We had to check in at our lodging nearby before 5 and had dinner reservations there at 5 also. (Only two restaurants are open in Volcano town right now.) After dinner we drove to the overlook where we took the top photo.

During the day, this site is full of steam and sulphur clouds but at night the heat produces the colors seen above. We all agreed it was worth standing in the rain and 54 degree temperature to see.

Tomorrow we go hiking.

Ed Feb 26 9 pm.

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