2013 Trip Two, Day 21 Oahu, Feb 28

Wow, three weeks so far.

This was a travel day flying from the Big Island to Oahu. We have been taking mid day flights. Makes it easier to make sure everyone is up and ready and we can not check in to new accommodations until 3 pm anyway.

So first brief impressions of Honolulu:
Heavy traffic. Oahu as I recall has just under 1,000,000 people, about 75% of the state’s population. Kauai, for instance, has less than 75,000.
The Asian influence is much more notable here, with a heavy influx of Japanese visitors.
There is some resemblance for us to South Beach. Major beach with nice walkway but much more in-the-water activity here instead of just sunning. Plenty of shopping, upscale and kitschy. It seems like there is an ABC store (sortimage


image of travel mini mart) on every corner.

We drove together to our small hotel two blocks from the main beach. We separated for the rest of the day; doing the beach, hot tub, or just walking around. At sunset here at the main beach, they blow a conch shell (Which we did hear previously) but also have a torch lighting and hula dance brief performance. Nice touch.

The effort to reclaim the Hawaiian culture is strong throughout the islands. It does help make this more unique and historical than just another set of beach towns.

Ed March 1, 6:30 am

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