2013 Trip Two, Day 23, Oahu, March 2

Mughal Garden

Mughal Garden

Rebecca at Shangri-La

Rebecca at Shangri-La

Last day together

Last day together

Top of Diamond Head

Top of Diamond Head

Waikiki from Diamond Head

Waikiki from Diamond Head

March 2

Well, a bittersweet day. We had two glorious weeks with Sarah, Deb, Rebecca and Sarah but they are now at the airport for their flights home. We will miss their cheerful attitudes and sense of wonder at new experiences. Conversation at dinner will go back to the two of us looking at each other rather than spirited talk.

For their last day, several different activities were in store. Sarah and Sarah did some beach and surfing, less successfully than they hoped maybe but still an experience they were adventurous enough to pursue on their own.

They met Hayden Butler for some beach time also. Hayden is the son of pastor Amy Butler of Calvary Baptist Church in DC. Amy is a good friend of theirs. Hayden joined us all in the late afternoon for malasadas from Leonard’s bakery, some whirlpool time at Aqua Bamboo Hotel, and our final pizza and salad meal before we departed for the airport. Hayden is a freshman at UH studying art.

Deb and Ed climbed Diamond Head with about 16 gazillion others but were smart enough to start early before the heat and crowds arrived. The grade was steep but overall the hike was not overly strenuous. We separated for a bit but met for lunch and the malasadas pick up. (malasadas = portuguese donut without a hole.)

Chris and Rebecca went to Shangri-La. This was the home of Doris Duke, wealthy philanthropist. After her death, her home here (1 of 5 overall) was endowed as a museum focusing on Islamic art. The tour was enjoyable and educational but they could not take pictures inside so we only have two exterior shots for you. One is of the Mughal Garden, a microcosm of royal gardens found throughout the Indian subcontinent.

Sunday we revert to our old style of two people exploring the U.S.

Ed March 2 9 pm

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2 thoughts on “2013 Trip Two, Day 23, Oahu, March 2

  1. Deb

    Thanks for letting us join your tour of the US! We had a wonderful time! 🙂

  2. Joyce

    Glad you said old style; not old people! Have a great time this week!!!

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