2013 Trip Three, NM and VA, April 15

Last night with Jude. We have stocked up on supplies and prepared meals. She had her first formal PT today. She has progressed extremely well and with some advance preparation, she is well positioned to advance further after we leave. Plus, Michele is coming down for a week starting Saturday and nancy and sally may be coming in mid May.

Her computer person came out to see her and filmed her at her desk starting to use Dragon Naturally Speaking for voice recognition on her computer. See the video at thecomputerg.wordpress.com

On our last days we made a visit to the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art in Santa Fe. Much of the art is religious focused. It is a small museum so we went for a walk along another section of the Dale Ball trails by St. John College. We went back and picked up Jude and had dinner at Il Vicino restaurant.

Museum of Spanish Colonial Art, Santa Fe

Museum of Spanish Colonial Art, Santa Fe

Dinner at Il Vicino

Dinner at Il Vicino

A few days earlier we had gone walking along the Calabasas trail north of Santa Fe, part of another extensive network of hiking, biking and equestrian trails here.

Tomorrow we head out for VA and should arrive at Williamsburg Saturday. We are only doing about 500 miles per day and plan to tour Richmond VA Saturday before we end up in Williamsburg.

Next week is Garden Week in Virginia and we will be touring gardens in Norfolk, Richmond, VA Beach and the Middle Peninsula along with other sites. It should be quite a change from the dry, desert and mountainous area around Santa Fe. The spring winds continue with consistent winds over 20 mph on a frequent basis. New Mexicans talk about having low pollution but they seem to not consider dust storms and grit in the air as pollution. But the views are frequently seen through a dust haze that minimizes the beauty of the area.

Ed April 15 9:30 pm

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