2013 Trip Three NM and VA; April 20

So this is a two day post. Friday the 19th was a drive day without much excitement. We left eastern Tennessee and made it to Richmond VA. Our original plans were to spend Thursday night in Cherokee North Carolina. However, Chris spotted that the road over the Great Smoky mountains to Cherokee was closed due to a landslide. It was not to open until mid-May. We adjusted our Thursday night plans and spent the night in Dandridge Tennessee.

The drive over the Great Smoky Mountains was very scenic. The roads satisfied my desire for curvy, up-and-down road. We were surprised by the width of the Great Smoky Mountains as they lasted much longer into North Carolina than we expected coming from the west. We were in and out of the rain for most of the morning but by noontime we were ahead of the heavy showers which hit Richmond late that evening.

At the Virginia State Capitol

At the Virginia State Capitol

We started Saturday morning by visiting the Virginia State Capitol. The docent gave an excellent tour. The capital was designed by Thomas Jefferson. It was the first new seat of government designed after the American revolution. The US Capitol in Washington DC may have been based on it.

The recent movie “Lincoln” was filmed extensively in this building and in the city of Petersburg. During the Civil War, this building housed both the Virginia legislature and the Confederate Congress.


We followed this up with a tour of the Tredegar Ironworks. This is a national historical monument along the James River in downtown Richmond. The displays here discussed the two battles of Richmond in 1862 and 1864 as well as the role that the foundry played in manufacturing Confederate cannon and ammunition.

One set of falls on the James River

One set of falls on the James River

After a walk along the James River, we attempted to find a place for lunch. Our efforts at two different locations proved fruitless. Long waits and lack of parking were the main difficulties. We ended up driving to Williamsburg and checking into our timeshare. This will be our location for the next week as we travel to various cities in the area.

Sorry Minnesota, it is very green here.

Ed 4/20 9:30 pm

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