2013 Trip Three, NM and VA, April 24

What a difference a day can make! Warm weather. Sun. Colorful flowers. Good lunch. Today’s post includes more pictures than usual, just because the park was beautiful and the day gorgeous.

Lewis Gintner Botanical Garden RIchmond

Lewis Gintner Botanical Garden RIchmond

Lewis Gintner Botanical Garden

Lewis Gintner Botanical Garden

Valentine Richmond History Museum

Valentine Richmond History Museum

Just a home on the way to the Gintner

Just a home on the way to the Gintner

The day began at the Valentine Richmond History Museum in downtown Richmond. Once the home of an early and wealthy Richmond family, it now houses details of the history of the city of Richmond. A docent tour brought us in to the house, normally off limits to casual gallery attendees. The sculpture room of Edward Valentine was also on the premises. Inside photos of the museum are not allowed, so the scene from the outside patio is shown above.

The museum cafe is catered by Sally Bell’s Kitchen, a local long time cafe. Box lunches are the fare but they were great. An eggy potato salad almost as good as Chris’-with a sweet pickle slice on top. Cupcake (chocolate-chocolate for Ed, White-white for Chris) was scrumptious with frosting all over except for the bottom. A small cheese wafer. And the sandwiches were great too. It more than made up for yesterday’s fiasco.

The afternoon was spent at the Lewis Gintner Botanical Gardens, one of the top gardens in America-or so the sign stated. We were impressed. The layout was great, the blooms fantastic. This is what spring is supposed to be like. We spent 2.5 hours just walking around enjoying.

The final event of the evening was a presentation by a local person who does one man Benjamin Franklin shows. It was informative and re-informed us of the multitude of Franklin’s accomplishments.

As a bonus, AAA membership saved the cost of one admission to the Valentine and the Gintner was free due to Como membership. All in all, a very pleasant day.

At Gintner

At Gintner

Ed April 24 11 pm

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One thought on “2013 Trip Three, NM and VA, April 24

  1. Joyce

    Ah, how lovely! Glad Spring has sprung for you!

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