2013 Trip Four, Out West, May 4

Sunrise oner Nebraska farm field.

Sunrise oner Nebraska farm field.

Man, this job as traveler is fun! If the number of pictures taken is any indication, yesterday (Saturday) was a doozy. 191 pictures taken. True, a great number were deleted. But that is good. With a simple digital camera we can take multiple shots and only save the best or most representative.

We started in the cornfields and ranch lands of Nebraka. Amazingly, several of the interstates are marked for bicyclist to use the shoulder. We saw a few, including a recumbent bike.

Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountains

As we drove past Denver, the Rocky Mountains were the grand sight awaiting us. Snow-covered mountain peaks marched along the sides and in front of us. Fantastic vistas were in every direction.

Colorado river in Glenwood canyon

Colorado river in Glenwood canyon

Once over the Rocky Mountains and through the tunnels, we entered Glenwood Canyon. This canyon was formed by the Colorado River. It also has high walls and is relatively narrow. It was an engineering marvel to fit train tracks, the river, the interstate highway, and some narrow towns within the canyon walls.

The dramatic vistas kept coming. As we left Glenwood Canyon, we entered a valley area. On the south side was Grand Mesa and the Colorado national Monument. We drove the 23 mile scenic rim drive and took several short hikes in Colorado National Monument.

Colorado National Monument

Colorado National Monument

We ended the day at our hotel in Grand Junction but not before we drove around parts of the city (population of about 60,000). The people of Grand Junction must know their fractions very well. Street names use fractions; 26 road, 26 1/4 road, 26 1/2 road, 26 3/4 road,
G road, G and 1/2 road, etc. Unusual in our experience.

Dinner at the hotel listening to jazz. All in all, a good day.

Ed. 9 pm

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One thought on “2013 Trip Four, Out West, May 4

  1. Jude Heimel

    Sounds absolutely delightful! Glad you are having a wonderful time. Here, today, we are looking forward to RAIN.
    Take care
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