2013 Trip Four, Out West, May 25

Saturday May 25
A Zip drive to Park City Utah from Elko,NV. We successfully used the Internet at the Hilton Garden Inn to finish the pictures for the May 24 blog and then uploaded lots of pictures to Shutterfly.

The drive to Park City made us realize again the good fortune we have to be able to drive around the country and experience first hand new and exciting vistas. When we left Nevada, we drove up a mountain and then at the top start descending into Utah. The Great Salt Lake Desert is spread out before you, white and immense with mountains along the edges and far side. The highway and railroad tracks are slender dark tracks across the whiteness. The edge of the horizon fades into a murky blue/gray scene. Another WOW result only experienced by driving.

We left behind Nevada. In its own way, quite beautiful even if I-80 is home to mining, railroads, ranching, power plants and correctional institutions.

The Great Salt Lake Desert is an hour of eerie whiteness before we hit the Great Salt Lake and Wasatch Mountains. The famous Bonneville flats for speed records is on the north side as we drive through. Military land takes up part of both the north and south sides from the Interstate. Park City is a half hour past SLC and up several thousand feet. Aspen are starting to leaf out, real flowers can be seen.

Great Salt lake Desert

Great Salt lake Desert

Train crossing the salt desert

Train crossing the salt desert

Looking back westward at I-80

Looking back westward at I-80

The town presents well; housing is colorful, not the bland, earth tones seen so often in many communities. Obviously though the housing costs are not inexpensive. You may recall that many of the 2002 Winter Olympic events were held here.

We have a week of excess capacity time share lodging here. It is between seasons. Skiing is over and summer has not truly begun. Unfortunately for us, the front entrance is undergoing construction and it takes us twenty minutes to find the check in. We are in downtown Park City so we can walk to restaurants and hiking trails, etc.

Main Street, Park City

Main Street, Park City

creek and flowers, Park City

creek and flowers, Park City

The rest of Saturday is spent catching up with laundry and exploring the town. Weather is still nice, rain is possible by the middle of the week.

Ed and Chris Sunday May 26 11 pm

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