2013 Trip Four, Out West, May 28

Tuesday, May 28

Regular readers of the blog who were breathlessly waiting the resolution to yesterday’s big question can breathe a sigh of relief. The answer is in. Park City streets were even more empty this evening than last night. Of course it is the time between ski and summer seasons. Mud season I believe they call it.

Today’s rain certainly put a damper on activities. It was our first washout since Virginia Beach back in mid April. The heavy rain did not come until about 1 pm so we were able to accomplish some of our daily goals.

Utah state capitol

Utah state capitol

an inside view of state capitol

an inside view of state capitol

The Utah state capitol was our first stop. We like to visit state capitols, they are frequently a good source of state history. Utah’s, while attractive and recently modernized, did not accomplish much on the history side.

On dome, according to legend, seagulls helped save Mormon pioneers first harvest from insects

On dome, according to legend, seagulls helped save Mormon pioneers first harvest from insects

Our second stop was a drive-in featured in a book called Road Food. Our version is more than 10 years old, so anything listed that is still in business is doing pretty good. Hire’s Big H was open and the burgers were great with frosty mugs of root beer.

(Side note: This Hires is named for the owner, not the old time Hires root beer which is difficult to find anymore.)

We have traveled over 4000 miles so far with another 2000 or so to go. On the way to Hire’s, we passed a Jiffy Lube so we stopped in after lunch and gave the Saturn a mid-trip treat of an oil change. It is holding up well, getting 35-38 miles per gallon so a small preventive maintenance measure seemed appropriate.

Our next stop was the 2002 Olympic stadium site in Salt Lake City. While much of the activities took place in Park City and elsewhere, opening and closing ceremonies were held at Rice-Eccles Stadium at the University of Utah.

2002 Winter Olympics cauldron

2002 Winter Olympics cauldron

We were only able to see the cauldron and some markers commemorating daily highlights. The irony is that other items are being moved to the Park City Olympic center which we planned to see this Thursday.

The deluge interrupted the day and we returned to Park City, a nap and a pleasant dinner out completing the day.

Dinner at Purple Sage

Dinner at Purple Sage

Ed and Chris, May 28 11:30 pm

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