2013 Trip Four, Out West, June 2

Sunday, June 2

We had devoted considerable energy to discussing a raft trip down a river on this western swing. Chris was a little hesitant. We discussed types of rafting excursions and which river would be best. In the end, we settled on a scenic float trip down the Snake River right through the heart of Grand Teton National Park. It was a great choice for us.

Teton Range and Snake RIver

Teton Range and Snake RIver

Floating down the Snake River

Floating down the Snake River

The company we selected, Barker-Ewing, came highly recommended. However, it was not clear in anything we read that there are now two Barker-Ewing companies. Evidently, two families had been jointly running this company for a number of years. However, a few years ago they split although both use the name; one focuses (not exclusively) on scenic float trips and one (not exclusively) on whitewater rafting.

The websites for the two companies differ by one having a dash between the names and one not having a dash. After a few phone calls, we chose the non dash Barker Ewing that focuses on scenic, non rapids float trips. Their rafting permit allows them to be in the park itself and is of longer duration.

Snake RIver and the Tetons

Snake RIver and the Tetons

Bald eagle

Bald eagle

Our trip ran from 10 AM until 12:45; 20-30 minutes of that is orientation and being driven to the starting point. The river was running fast but no rapids. The temp was in the high 50s to mid 60s with a breeze so it was cool on the water.

We just sat back-not too far back or we would have been in the water-and let Jim (our guide) do all of the work that the river did not do. We looked at mountains and river, listened to bird songs, and enjoyed the breeze and swaying. Jim provided narrative along the way, highlighting vistas and explaining history of the river’s development.

Snake river

Snake river


The six passengers, MN and TX and OH, peppered Jim with a variety of questions including his background: 20 some years on the river, now a Jackson city council member, former journalist, etc.

After the journey and the hard work we had to do, we had lunch in downtown Jackson. Then it was back to the hotel to do laundry and finish yesterday’s blog.

We spent the later afternoon and early evening driving up to Signal Mountain for the view and hoped for additional wildlife sighting-maybe a bear??? The drive and view were fine, no bear joined us however. The TX couple on the rafting trip had been telling stories about the multiple bears thay had seen in the last few days. We, okay me, are still looking.

Northeast valley view from Signal Mountain

Northeast valley view from Signal Mountain

Ed and Chris Sunday June 2 10 pm

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2 thoughts on “2013 Trip Four, Out West, June 2

  1. Deb

    Good job on the first rafting trip!

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