2013 Trip Four, out West, June 7, 2013



Friday, June 7

On our way home! WE FINALLY SAW A BEAR!!!

Actually we saw four bears. The first sighting was along the highway where multiple cars and people had stopped. In the woods, we could see a mother black bear with 2 cinnamon colored cubs. This time, we were able to see and watch them move and forage around the area with our own eyes. We stayed a while and watched.

We were traveling from the northwest entrance to the northeast entrance of Yellowstone National Park. This route goes through the Lamar Valley. The valley has always been highlighted as a great wildlife viewing area and it was our first time on the road.

Lamar Valley of Yellowstone NP

Lamar Valley of Yellowstone NP

The second bear sighting was along the Lamar road a few miles further east. Once again, multiple cars and people identified a potential sighting. Sure enough, a black bear was ambling not far from the roadside and parallel to it. We slowed down, took a picture, and then continued our journey. Aren’t we getting blasé about these animal sightings? During the rest of our journey along the Lamar Valley, there were multiple bison herds.

Our journey continued from the north east entrance to Cody Wyoming. We had decided to pass up the opportunity to take the Beartooth scenic highway. This highway had been closed for snow just a week ago and the top elevation of the pass is at 11,000 feet. It would’ve been somewhat out of our way and we decided we had seen and driven enough high elevation roads.

Chief Joseph Scenic Highway in Wyoming

Chief Joseph Scenic Highway in Wyoming

Chief Joseph Scenic Highway

Chief Joseph Scenic Highway

Our journey instead took the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway whose pass was only at 8000 feet. The route honors the Nez Perce Indians in their 1877 attempt to evade the US Cavalry. The road had great scenery, nicely paved roads, shoulders on the roads, not a lot of RVs, and speed limits of 65 mph, not 35-45 mph.

Chief Joseph Scenic Highway

Chief Joseph Scenic Highway

We arrived in Cody WY where we are staying at a B and B. Cody is the home of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. There are five museums in the complex; firearms, Buffalo Bill, natural history, western art and plains indians. We spent two hours here, one could spend all day.

Dinner was at a local rib place and we then watched the local free evening entertainment. Cody has a cowboy re-enactment just off the Main Street. It was a little cheesy but pleasant.

Staged cowboy show in Cody

Staged cowboy show in Cody

Ed and Chris June 7 10 pm

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