2013 Trip Five, Boston, Deb and Rebecca, June 14

June 14

The rain lifted by mid morning and the day was much improved from yesterday. Rebecca had to work but the three of us headed to the New England Aquarium in downtown Boston. The school kids were out but were actually well behaved.

at the aquarium

at the aquarium

Chris' New England friend

Chris’ New England friend

Deb had not been to the aquarium before. If you know my daughters though, you know we had to stop for a bite to eat before getting too far into the aquarium. As we entered, aquarium staff were out showing off the fur seals. Later on, we caught them demonstrating the harbor seals and their antics.

Skate ray

Skate ray

Ed and Deb

Ed and Deb

In between we caught the IMAX film “Into the Deep” with its underworld photography of deep sea fish and their interdependence. Cleaning stations, the balance between predator and prey, and the impact of a changing environment of various fish populations were highlighted.

The aquarium was not fully opened as it is finishing up a major renovation with the final touches just about finished. Despite this, we found it enjoyable, humorous, and educational. Well worth our time.

I got to drive with Deb as navigator. 10 years in Boston have pretty well allowed her to navigate despite the tendency here to rarely put street name signs on all corners. You can go blocks without knowing what street you are on or what the name of the cross street is.

Deb safely at the grill

Deb safely at the grill

Deb and Rebecca

Deb and Rebecca

After the aquarium we headed to Best Buy to do a little shopping. Actually we stopped at Panera for a mid afternoon snack and then on to Best Buy.

Dinner was a summer special. Burnt hot dogs, baked beans, cole slaw, potato salad, wine and cake.

Ed and Chris 10 pm June 14

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One thought on “2013 Trip Five, Boston, Deb and Rebecca, June 14

  1. Looks like fun! Glad you’re back to a normal feeding schedule too. 😉

    Do you remember learning about cleaning stations with Ann Fielding?

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