2013 Trip Five, Boston, Deb and Rebecca, June 16

June 16th Fathers Day

We spent Mother’s Day at 10,000 feet (Ancient Bristlecone pine forest in CA) and Father’s Day at maybe 100 feet elevation in Boston and Connecticut.

MA capitol building  in Boston

MA capitol building in Boston

The four of us attended Mass at the Paulist Center in downtown Boston across from the Boston Commons. This is where Deb and Rebecca normally go. Afterwards Chris and Ed were treated to a combined Mothers Day/Fathers Day brunch at Scollay Square about a block away.

Brunch at Scollay Square

Brunch at Scollay Square

After a brief interlude back in Newton, we drove to the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut (relatively close to Norwich, CT.) We were meeting Pete and Florence Sheils, Rebecca’s parents. Pete and Flo were able to obtain four tickets to the Connecticut Sun WNBA basketball game which Deb, Rebecca, Chris and Ed watched. The Sun lost the game but we came away with some “wobblehead” cut-outs of Blaze, the mascot of the Sun basketball team.
Connecticut Sun vs. Seattle Storm

Connecticut Sun vs. Seattle Storm

Pete and Flo spent some time exploring the casino and found their luck to be positive today. We met them for dinner after the game. Since Deb, Chris and Ed had not been to the casino before, we signed up for the “Players Club” and obtained a free pass to the casino buffet. Flo did well enough at the casino to pay for the other three dinners. A fruitful meal plan for all of us.

Dinner at Seasons buffet at Mohegan Sun casino

Dinner at Seasons buffet at Mohegan Sun casino

We aren’t able to see Pete and Flo all that often so it was a great opportunity to get together and chat. Flo had just returned from an intense, multi-day conference in Madison, WI so this was a chance for her to unwind before returning to work Monday.

Ed and Chris June 17

P.S. The cribbage games Saturday night were split 1-1.

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