2013 Interlude, Late June 2013

Pizza party

Pizza party

Well we are between trips five and six. This Friday we head for the Canadian Rockies, British Columbia and Washington state. I will post a map of our planned travels before we leave, in response to several requests.
Pizza  party


As of tonight (6-25), we are still unsure if we will be going to Canmore or Golden for the week starting Sunday June 30. The floods in the Calgary-Banff area have left major roads still closed and we are not yet getting a clear answer as to whem they may be open. We will probably make our decision tomorrow night. (6-26) DONE! We go to Calgary and then Canmore. Roads are open. Golden will have to wait for when we return home via Whistler.

This interlude has been 10 days, longer than our previous ones. Along with the doctor appointments, car repairs, dentist and hair appointments, we have been taking advantage of the opportunity to spend some time with the Sarahs. They are managing our condo while we stay at Kathy’s.

The Sarahs have taken up ice hockey despite having no experience whatsoever. Their attitude has been great and they have remained enthusiastic despite, shall we say, not being the stars on the ice.

I attended one practice. Part of the time was spent skating backwards. I did not take pictures. They will thank me in later years. Chris went to a practice a week later and took some video but it did not come out well so you will have to remain clueless to their abilities until the scrimmage in late July when hopefully someone else will have a camera and take photos for posterity.

Last Thursday we had a small birthday get together for Sarah. A local pizza place close to Kathy’s provided the pizza and salad. It was more of an opportunity for people to get together than a fancy party and we enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with several family members.

We went out Friday night with Bernie and Tony to Little Oven on the east side of St. Paul. We ate there last Tuesday with Kathy and enjoyed the food, low prices, and large quantities that provided left overs for the next days.

Dinner at Cheeky Monkey

Dinner at Cheeky Monkey

We were finally able to coordinate schedules to take Sarah out for a proper birthday dinner on Sunday. Cheeky Monkey on Selby was the location, their patio dining area was open. Not an easy feat given the rainy weather here.

Ed and Chris June 26

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