2013, trip six, The Northwest, June 28

Friday, June 28.

Well, as you know, Friday was a travel day as will be Saturday. Thus, not a lot to report. In Minnesota, blue lakes, green fields, gently rolling hills. In North Dakota, green fields and flat land everywhere.

North Dakota fields

North Dakota fields

As people had advised, we gassed up in North Dakota before entering Manitoba. Gas in Manitoba is about $5.25 per gallon. Grand Forks, our gas tank was not very empty so we gassed up in Grafton North Dakota. We knew Grafton was about 10 miles off the interstate but it was a little adventure for us. We had a ice cream to break up the day and returned to the interstate via the back roads including gravel roads that were in better shape than those we had used in New Mexico.

There was about a 10 minute backlog to go through the border station but nothing outlandish. The initial roads that we traveled on in Manitoba were in pretty poor shape. We will see if that was an anomaly or if all of their money here is spent on healthcare and not on roads.


Our first night is with an evergreen couple in Winnipeg. A nice couple that has done a lot of evergreen travel. We swapped travel stories while snacking on cheese and crackers. Chris had a glass of wine which of course put her to sleep immediately once her head hit the pillow.

We are still getting back into our travel mode. I forgot to put Canadian money in my wallet. We had not put one of the directions in the lodging packet. Minor type of things that will work their way out as we continue on the road.

Ed and Chris, June 29. 8 a.m.

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One thought on “2013, trip six, The Northwest, June 28

  1. Joyce

    hope it’s cooler there! Safe travels!!

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