2013 Trip Six, The Northwest, June 30

Well, we made it to Canmore, Alberta. Granma Bep had breakfast ready for us and gave us some Saskatoon summer berry tarts for the road.

Chris and Granma Bep

Chris and Granma Bep

Sunday we finally left behind the flat plains and started climbing to rolling hills and semi-arid plains at a higher elevation. Irrigation and oil wells were the most frequent vistas. The Rockies are not a major vista until past Calgary.

This portion of the Trans Canada highway goes through the northern section of Calgary. The highway does not go through the downtown like many of our interstates. When it reached Calgary, there was a mix of cloverleaf type interchanges and just plain roadways. For those of you in the Twin Cities, think of University Avenue with 3 lanes in each direction and you get an accurate picture.

Calgary has a population of almost 1,000,000. We will visit it more beginning next Sunday. Again, the development has a strict line and you go from farmland to dense development. I bet Metro Council would love to be able to do that.

We are staying in a basement unit of a home in Canmore. It appears that the flooding was just a block away and a ridge behind the house blocked it from floodwaters. There is still a boil water advisory in effect and it is likely to continue throughout our time here. We did bring a case of bottled water with us.

View from front of Canmore residence.

View from front of Canmore residence.

We have driven past some of the washed out roads but will take pictures when we are walking and not with traffic behind us.

We picked up some groceries, unpacked, and I went for a walk in the neighborhood. Tomorrow is Canada Day, a national holiday and we plan to watch the local parade and festivities in the park.

Living room area

Living room area

Sorry it is a slow and unexciting report. Hopefully we can make it more exciting real soon.

Ed and Chris June 30 10:30 pm and it is light out.

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