2013 Trip Six, The Northwest, July 15

Tacoma, WA July 15 Monday

Well, happy birthday to me and happy one year retirement anniversary. Thanks for all of the cards, emails and sorta email birthday card (you know who you are-it was cute).

Chris, Ed and roses at Port Defiance Park, Tacoma

Chris, Ed and roses at Port Defiance Park, Tacoma

Today was a little slower. After no cell or Internet, we played catchup on the blog postings for Mt. Ranier and Mt. St. Helens and took care of some household type tasks.

Joseph's coat roses

Joseph’s coat roses

We drove up from Kelso WA to Tacoma, WA. Interstate 5 is quite the busy road, a real switch from the two lane country/mountain roads we have been on. Mt. Rainier looms off to the side, a hulking presence (when cloud cover is non-existent), Mt. Baker up ahead of us.


We are staying in Tacoma. Friends from Carlisle PA, Pat and Harold Sweeney, are living here in a retirement community. We are lodging for three nights in the guest unit the community maintains.

After lunch with Pat and Harold, we visited Point Defiance Park. This is an excellent park, we toured the Gardens and the Five Mile Drive.

Puget Sound

Puget Sound

Pat, Chris, Harold, Ed

Pat, Chris, Harold, Ed

Birthday supper was at a local Italian restaurant. I had dessert instead of booze. Some things never change.

Ed and Chris July 15 10 pm

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