2013, Trip Six, The Northwest, July 23

Victoria, BC July 23

We began the day with a change of pace by going for a bike ride. Chris found a bicycle rental store, Coastal Cycle, that was within a block or two of the Galloping Goose trail. The trail goes from Victoria out to Sooke. The portion of the trail closer to Victoria is paved, so we concentrated on that section. It is an old railroad bed and the hills were not too steep.

View from galloping goose trail

View from galloping goose trail

The trail was well used and offered views of the water, the highway, residential back yards and forested sections. We met two couples from Vancouver that had taken the ferry over to Vancouver Island (remember Victoria is on Vancouver Island, Vancouver is not) and were doing a three day ride out to Sooke.

We spent about two and a half hours riding before we had lunch at a pub established in 1855, the Six Mile Pub. Chris treated herself to an “Intergalactic Root Beer Float”. When she ordered it, she asked me to share it with her. When she tasted it, I got to watch her.

At Six Mile Pub

At Six Mile Pub

After lunch, we drove to downtown Victoria and toured the Royal BC Museum. This museum is highly rated and while we enjoyed it, we both enjoyed the Glenbow Museum in Calgary more. The Royal BC had a special exhibit on the race to be the first explorer to reach the South Pole. Roald Amundsen of Norway won, Robert Scott of Britain was second. Unfortunately, Scott and part of his team perished on the return trip to their base camp at the ocean’s edge of Antarctica.

Wooly mammoth at Royal BC Museum

Wooly mammoth at Royal BC Museum

One of the other exhibits had displays relating to the history and development of British Columbia. BC has had problems dealing with racism, having violent anti-Japanese and anti-Chinese riots and discrimination.

Buskers in front of Empress hotel

Buskers in front of Empress hotel

Asian immigrants were not given the right to vote until after World War Two. Our female speaker yesterday at the Parliament tour who touted women getting the right to vote around 1917 did not mention the denial of voting to other sections of the population.

British Columbia has still not settled land issues with the First Nation tribes. The other provinces have come to grips and worked out arrangements, BC still has a ways to go.

We walked around the harbor area, stopping in at the famous Fairmount Empress hotel but decided not to eat there since we would have probably spent our entire trip budget there.

Once again the weather was great and we returned to the scenic ocean drive and enjoyed the view of the bay. When we returned to our Evergreen hosts, we had to beg off much discussion since we realized that the biking used different muscles than hiking and we were bushed.

One random tidbit that has not been researched. It appears to us that the Canadian electrical codes require residential bathroom light switches to be located on the wall outside the door before you enter. This has been a consistent feature in our Canadian hosts home. It might be a new requirement in the US but we have not observed it before.

Ed and Chris July 24-25, 12:30 am (Internet issues again)

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One thought on “2013, Trip Six, The Northwest, July 23

  1. Joyce

    Nice change: biking! The Empress Hotel is known for its Tea Time. I peeked in there last time I was up there but did not have time for tea. The ladies room was very nice. 🙂

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