2013, Trip Six, The Northwest, July 25

Thursday, July 25, Campbell River, Vancouver Island, B.C.

Full moon over Georgia Strait

Full moon over Georgia Strait

Today was a relaxing day. We took life a little easier. We walked along the harbor and watched the ships go in-and out. We visited the visitor center, gift shop and gallery. The gallery had a small but interesting display of embroidered art that presented spaces in an almost 3D mode.

BCP-45 at Maritime Heritage m useum

BCP-45 at Maritime Heritage m

There is a small maritime museum. A volunteer gave us a tour. The main claim to fame for the museum is the BCP-45 which has two important historical firsts. British Columbia Packers was one of the largest fishing and cannery companies in the British Commonwealth employing people of numerous ethnic groups. However, for many years, Japanese Canadians and First Nations people were only allowed to work the boats, not own them.

'Appys and Cheesecake for lunch

‘Appys and Cheesecake for lunch

BCP-45 was commissioned by BC Packers in 1927. Its first claim to history is that the BCP-45 was one of the first fishing boats to be owned by an aboriginal (First Nations), starting in the ’40s. Its second claim to history is that from 1972 to 1986, a depiction of this vessel appeared on the Canadian $5 bill. When the boat was retired from service it was donated to a museum in Vancouver.

The boat and its captain fished these waters and the community was justly proud of it. Volunteers spearheaded by the local Rotary built a beautiful museum and spent three years authentically restoring the boat to its original condition. Today it appears in mint condition.

The Boom Booms at spirit Square in Campbell RIver, BC

The Boom Booms at spirit Square in Campbell RIver, BC

We had lunch across the street from the museum at Appys & Cheesecake. This local store serves appetizers and cheesecake for parties and catered functions but also has a retail component. A wide variety of cheesecake “poppers” are available for dessert. Sort of like tapas, a smaller size cheesecake serving that was just right for lunch dessert.

Another walk and future trip planning highlighted the afternoon.
A small public space by the hotel was the site of an evening performance by “The Boom Booms”, a band out of Vancouver. The crowd was large and appreciative. We had an evening repast listening to the music.

The only discord to the two days was the extremely poor Internet connection at the hotel. Not only was it slow, but it kept disconnecting. My patience was tried again but seems to have won out-barely. Now we get to observe the Internet service level in the North Cascades National Park-our next location. I am not holding my breath.

Ed and Chris July 25 11:30 pm Finally uploaded July 26, 9 pm

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