2013, Trip Six, The Northwest, July 28

East Wenatchee, WA Sunday July 28

Working hard on this  post, Cascade Mtns and Columbia River in background

Working hard on this post, Cascade Mtns and Columbia River in background

As the sun sets over the Cascade Mountains, I am dictating/typing this in the town of East Wenatchee, Washington at the home of our airbnb host on a hillside above the Columbia River. It has been a warm day but the evening breezes are cooling it down.

It is not a long drive from Mazama to E. Wenatchee. We took our time and enjoyed the sights. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, we are in a valley area between the mountains. We followed the Methow River until it joined the Columbia River.

Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan

We stopped at an overlook at one of the other dams on the Columbia River. There are eight power producing dams in the state of Washington and they generate over 21,000 MW of power. Hydro power produces 50-85% of the power here and this keeps the cost of electricity low.

This valley is a major fruit producing area. They proclaim thenselves the apple growing capital of the U.S. Vineyards and wineries are around every corner. The irrigation makes most of this possible. Numerous fruit stands are along the roads. Since we will be entering Canada shortly, we pass by the opportunity to purchase any fruit.

fruit in the fields of Blueberry Hills Farms

fruit in the fields of Blueberry Hills Farms

There is another large and deep lake in this region, Lake Chelan, supposedly the 5th deepest at 1500 feet. Boating is a major recreation activity on the lake. A boat trip up the lake to a remote portion of the North Cascades National Park is available. We decided against it. It is expensive and most of the day is consumed by traveling up and down the lake-which is 51 miles long.

By one list, we have been to the 5 deepest lakes in the U.S. Crater, Tahoe, Chelan, Superior, and Pend Oreille (ID). Not all were on this trip, however.

Some of Grampa's stuff

Some of Grampa’s stuff

We explored the southern end of Lake Chelan and had lunch at a local fruit farm/restaurant, Blueberry Hills. Besides food, Chris had a great blueberry shake and I had a very tasty piece of apple pie.

Blueberry Hills is a family operation located on the original homesite of the farm. The Barn has been converted into the restaurant and decorated with items from Grampa’s shed. Think 200 pairs of old glasses. A tin can collection. Junk from old tackle boxes. While the “kids” run the place, Mom, Dad, and Gramma are in every day. We saw ’em.

We arrived in East Wenatchee, WA and are spending the next two nights here.

Quiet day.

Ed and Chris. July 28 9 pm

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