2013, Trip Six, The Northwest, July 30 and 31

Vancouver, BC, July 31

Fish ladders at Rocky Reach dam

Fish ladders at Rocky Reach dam

In case you were wondering, we made it through customs smoothly. It did take 30 to 40 minutes this time, which was the same amount of time for everyone else. Except, of course, those people who justifiably use the Nexus lane.

Tuesday morning we left East Wenatchee around 8:30 AM. Before driving to Vancouver, we made a stop at another Hydro electric dam. Rocky Reach dam has a fish ladder built into the facility. This was the first one we had seen. It has fish viewing windows where you can watch the salmon swimming upstream.

At sea walk, Stanley Park

At sea walk, Stanley Park

The fish ladder is constructed of 100 pools, each is one foot higher in elevation than the one before it. The viewing windows allow you to see the salmon fighting the current as they move back to their spawning grounds. We also walked over to the Museum of the Columbia which was housed in another part of the facility. It gave a very nice portrayal of geology, human development, exploration, and the impact of hydropower. Most of it was not new information and we did not spend a lot of time in the museum.

Totems at Stanley Park

Totems at Stanley Park

We finished the southern section of the south Cascades loop by taking U.S. highway 2 west to interstate 5. As mentioned in the previous blog, we drove over Stevens Pass. For a traveler today, Stevens Pass is mainly anti-climactic. It may have been the site of great efforts for the early railroad, but there is no marker or pullover, you just keep driving.

Our arrival in downtown Vancouver was delayed due to urban rush hour traffic. Lili, our airbnb host met us and led us to a close parking lot. We are in downtown Vancouver, close to urban amenities. We have a very nice one bedroom apartment with kitchen and living room-and bath. The building was an office building but was converted to residences 15 years ago.We spent the evening buying groceries, eating, running errands, and getting organized.

Sea walk

Sea walk

Wednesday we spent hours walking around Stanley Park. This large park is on a peninsula jutting out into the water and has a 5.5 mile seawall walk that we took. Since we had to walk to the seawall and back again, we figure today’s walk was a good 8 miles. Good??

Stanley park is a very popular walk/bike/roller blade location. The views switch from downtown Vancouver to industrial and marine terminals, to the Georgia Strait with 10 freighters waiting for their docking space to become available, and then the south side of Vancouver across more water.

Penguin looking cairns

Penguin looking cairns

The park also is home to yacht and rowing clubs, rose gardens, a zoo, etc but we primarily did the seawalk. On a portion of the walk, there was a collection of cairns, those rock “sculptures” that seem to be everywhere nowadays.

Vancouver is a city of over 600,000 people and a greater metro area of 2,500,000. We will be going to the Honda Celebration of Light at 10 pm tonight, held at English Bay, probably less than a mile from here. (More walking.) We will send those pictures as a separate post.

Ed and Chris July 31 6:30 pm

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