2013, Trip Six. The Northwest, August 13

Polson, MT Tuesday August 13

Our 51' Q class racing sloop

Our 51′ Q class racing sloop

We finally got out on a sail boat on our third attempt. One failure in Grand Marais MN was on a reconstructed Viking ship but the wind was too strong. We actually spent about 10 minutes on the boat for that effort. One failure in Lake Tahoe when again the wind was too strong and the trip was canceled. Finally today on Flathead Lake the conditions were just perfect.

After a great breakfast with our Evergreen hosts, we went to a park along the east side of the lake and did some preliminary catch up activities on our paperwork. We had reservations for the 1:30 sailing out of Big Fork, a town at the northeast end of Flathead Lake.

Our skipper, in the shorts

Our skipper, in the shorts

The Flathead Lake area is a major recreation site in Montana, between the lake, Glacier, forests and mountains. Big Fork is one of the towns featuring art galleries, a summer playhouse, restaurants, etc.

On Flathead Lake

On Flathead Lake


View from Flathead Lake

View from Flathead Lake

The sail boat cruise operates out of Flathead Lake Lodge, a dude ranch with equine and water activities. As usual, we left extra time to find the location. It was necessary but came at the expense of not having lunch.

Our vessel was a 51 foot Q class racing sloop- I am sure you are as knowledgeable as I am about racing sloops. Our skipper was a young woman who has been captaining the ship for three summers and goes to college in Chicago in the off-season. She had her mother along for the ride today-we initially thought the mother was the skipper. Oops.

There were nine passengers and two crew. The wind started so slowly we had to be towed out onto the lake. Once out though, the wind picked up nicely to create a breeze for our faces and for the sails. The lake was relatively calm and the ride was smooth. We just had to sit back and enjoy. We did not have to wear life jackets-which they had on board. I was proud of Chris for accepting the situation and going with the flow.

One of the passengers was a photographer who is working on a book about conservation gardens; gardens that were once private and are now preserved in public hands. We gave him ideas for two others to consider, one in Oregon and one in Minnesota.

Dinner at Bigfork Inn

Dinner at Bigfork Inn

After the two-hour experience, we headed for “downtown” Big Fork. Our dinner location was not open until 5 pm so we stopped at Brookies Cookies and had an afternoon snack, a location recommended by our Evergreen hosts. After walking the town some more, we had a delicious dinner at the Bigfork Inn. It has been around since the 1930s.

This evening we got caught up on our blog postings and mailing some cards out.

Sunset view from our Evergreen hosts' porch

Sunset view from our Evergreen hosts’ porch

Ed and Chris August 13 11 pm

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One thought on “2013, Trip Six. The Northwest, August 13

  1. Joyce

    Lovely time you had! Beautiful sunset. Now you’re caught up and I am, too. Had a good trip to Dallas and Louisiana to visit my aunt.

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