2013 Trip Seven, September 2-3, The Sarahs’ Wedding and the UP

Traverse City, MI September 3, 2013

I recognize this post is being published out of order. It is also less interesting. However, I planned to keep a daily log and these two travel days were not yet covered. The wedding was more important and interesting and yesterday’s activities at Sleeping Bear Dunes more varied.

Monday, Sept. 2 we were all saying our good byes after the wedding. Travel plans had to be completed. Many of us gathered for breakfast at the Courtyard. Kathy’s flight out of BWI was first and I took her over there. Everyone else had more time before departure.

Lou and Joyce were staying in the DC area to extend their vacation. Jude and Bernie were being picked up by a friend. Bernie would fly back on Wednesday, Jude later in the week after some mid week work activities. Deb and Rebecca were driving home via CT and Carlisle and left after noon, Rebecca’s family having departed earlier in the day. Sarah Lesimer’s family was flying out of BWI later in the afternoon and Chris and I assisted in bringing them over to BWI.

Gene, Bernie says "Hi"

Gene, Bernie says “Hi”

Our travel then continued with a drive to Columbus Ohio for the evening. We skipped the PA turnpike this time and traveled I-68 through western Maryland, northern West Virginia and southwestern PA to Ohio.

We have no pictures but the evening sky was fantastic as we were in the border area of WV and PA around sunset. It rained with black and gray clouds above us. Lightning flashed nearby. Off to the east, you could see huge white and gray cumulous clouds. To the north were tinges of deep blue sky. To the west, the sun peaked through and sunset colors of yellow, orange and red were visible. Quite memorable. We arrived in Columbus about 11.

Tuesday the trip continued traversing new sections of Ohio and Michigan. We are more appreciative of the diversity of these two populous states. Large cities intermingle with farmland and Ohio’s coal and natural gas production. The terrain is not as flat as the prairie states so the drive is not monotonous.

The "Pure Michigan" theme appears to be the main travel slogan.

The “Pure Michigan” theme appears to be the main travel slogan.

Out of many options,we chose to head basically north through Toledo and skirted Detroit before passing Ann Arbor and entering the more forested region of MI. We arrived in Traverse City about 7 pm and looked for a place to eat.

It seemed no one wanted our money. We had numerous travel brochures and had picked out a few options. The first one we could not find initially. We had to double back and realized: a. the Days Inn it was supposed to be in front of was in the process of changing to a Country Inn by Carlson; and b.the restaurant had also changed names and while supposedly open, no cars were in the parking lot. We passed it by.

We went to downtown Traverse City. The second choice was closed. The third choice was open. However, the hostess stated the manager had just told her the kitchen was backed up and running very slow-yet the place did not look crowded. Having some prior experience with slow kitchens,we left.

Across the street was another restaurant. One of the wait staff was seated at the bus stop and informed us the restaurant had just closed. Finally we found a local sports bar that was open and had dinner. For a town that has a lot of restaurants and tourists, it sure took a long time to be fed.

Ed and Chris Thursday, September 5 8 AM

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