2013 Trip Nine, Dec. 17, Christmas in Santa Fe, New Year’s in Flagstaff

Amarillo, TX Tuesday Dec. 17th

American Quarter Horse Museum and Hall of Fame,,, Amarillo

American Quarter Horse Museum and Hall of Fame,,, Amarillo

The weather has been favorable with an unusually warm and sunny period so our short drive to Amarillo was easy. Lunch was in a small, local restaurant in Shamrock, TX. The decor was done in old time tables and booths with crucifixes all around. It seemed a place where you wondered if the food inspector ever made it out here. But the buffet food was very tasty with a nice apricot cobbler for dessert.

Quarter Horse museum

Quarter Horse museum

We took advantage of the short drive to spend time at the American Quarter Horse Museum and Hall of Fame in Amarillo. It is located next to the American Quarter Horse Association Headquarters.

Quarter Horse Museum

Quarter Horse Museum

It was a pleasanat experience but it seemed more of a tribute to its members than a museum. The museum did discuss the development of the quarter horse as a specific breed unique to the U.S. The quarter horse specializes in both work (cattle ranching) and show/racing.

The quarter horse racing is focused on shorter races, dating back to early American days when “tracks” were just short straight aways in small towns. One of the major races is held in south central New Mexico at Ruidoso Downs.

American Quarter Horse Museum

American Quarter Horse Museum

The cattle focus occurs because the horses are able to cut quickly and react intuitively to cattle movement.

Most of the display is brief individual snapshots of horses, trainers, owners, jockeys, etc along with a timeline of the Association’s activities. There are some interactive displays with snippets of races, etc.

Still it was a pleasant interlude on our drive to Santa Fe.

Ed and Chris Dec. 17th

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