2013, Trip Nine, Dec. 24, Christmas in Santa Fe, New Year’s in Flagstaff

Santa Fe, December 24, Tuesday

Christmas in Santa Fe with snow here and there, temperatures in the high 30s during the day, and low 20s at night with a beautiful sunny sky. Lou and Joyce arrived today so everyone who is coming is here.

Brunch with Diane and Edgar

Brunch with Diane and Edgar

Jude continued her cooking madness with a cinnamon pecan coffee cake from scratch for breakfast. A new job of cook could be on the horizon.

Diane and Edgar, two friends of Jude’s, joined us for lunch and an afternoon concert. We gifted them with stocking stuffers and filled them with soup, sandwiches (which they brought) and cookies. A little bit of Heimel humor was added to the mix also.

Afternoon concert dress rehearsal with young conposer

Afternoon concert dress rehearsal with young conposer

The Santa Fe Concert Association Orchestra holds Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve performances. They also open up their dress rehearsals for each performance to the public for a nominal charge. Jude, Bernie, Tony, Chris, Ed, Diane and Edgar attended the Christmas Eve dress rehearsal this afternoon.

The gang gathers

The gang gathers

The group performed two works by Beethoven and a four-minute concerto written by a young man aged twelve. It was a relaxing way to hear some good music. One of the Beethoven pieces featured a violin solo by a young woman who has been on NPR’s “From the Top” program.

After the concert, we met Lou and Joyce at the Wyndham timeshare in Santa Fe. It was close to downtown and allowed us to gather for a quick meal. Of course it included dessert; Lou and Joyce brought chocolate chip cookies, and pralines.

Along Canyon Road

Along Canyon Road

The evening’s adventure was a Santa Fe Christmas highlight, the walk down Canyon Road. You may or may not know that Canyon Road is a premiere art and restaurant location. For Christmas Eve, the road is closed to traffic, lined with farolitos and lights, bonfires, and singing groups. Getting to Canyon Road was an adventure in itself, with parking at a premium and near gridlock on the surrounding streets. But we made it there.

Along Canyon Road

Along Canyon Road

Canyon Road was thronged with people enjoying the festive evening. The bonfires added the smell of burning pinon pine wood to the air. You were never far from some musical group. Numerous, but not all, art galleries were open. We stopped in several and spent about two hours seeing the sights.

Dog in doorway of private home along Canyon Road

Dog in doorway along Canyon Road

Lou and Joyce along Canyon Road

Lou and Joyce along Canyon Road

Ed and Chris Dec. 24 11 pm

Post Script
This was our 200th post for the blog for the year 2013. While we have been out for closer to 240 days, some days were combined into one post.

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