2013 Trip Nine, Christmas in Santa Fe, New Year’s in Flagstaff

Saint Paul, Monday, Jan. 6

So Chris and I have a difference of opinion. She believes the last day, even if boring, deserves its own post. Me, by time we get home it is just nice to be here and relax. Well, relax is probably not the correct term since I have listed 25 items to do before the dog sledding trip. But, not as interested in doing a blog post that is, in my mind, boring.

But, guess what? I am part of a team of professional travelers so I will be a team player. Here is the post for the last day.

Blowing snow and hazy near Faribault MN

Blowing snow and hazy near Faribault MN

We left KC with its below zero temps for St. Paul with its even greater below zero temps. This Polar Vortex is getting big news. The silver Saturn starts well, a new battery before we started the trip is likely the happy cause of this.

The view is somewhat hazy, I do not know if the cold causes it or what. Roadway is clear until a brief period in southern MN when some blowing snow acts up. The fields are not deeply covered in snow.

We zip through Iowa and have lunch in Albert Lea. The restaurant is having some difficulties, all of their soda fountain lines have frozen up except Diet Coke. Water and iced tea it is.

We arrive home around 4:30; in time to pick up the mail and two gallons of milk. We know our priorities. The car is filthy and not likely to get any cleaner until the temperature at least approaches the freezing mark.

But our urban condo awaits us, nice and warm. Happy to be home after a great trip and lots of family time and pleasant memories.

Ed and Chris Tuesday Jan. 7, 2014

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