2014 Trip One, March 2, Ely Dogsledding

Sunday March 2, Ely MN

The adventure continues. Today was to be our drive back home day. But the car could not deal with another frigid night. It would not start and in the process of trying to jump it, we seemed to have damaged something. Tony’s Towing (a AAA affiliate) came and towed the Saturn to a local shop whose mechanic will be in Monday morning at 8.

Chris,  Colin, Greg, and Ed

Chris, Colin, Greg, and Ed

Tony’s Towing also dropped us off at the Grand Ely Lodge, a place recommended by the Wintergreen people. It has a pool, whirlpool, sauna, and restaurant on site. Our room overlooks Lake Sagawa.

So despite the proactive steps of dumping a can of Heet in the gas tank, having the car serviced before the trip, a new battery in December, and starting, and running, the car Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Mother Nature (or maybe Ol’ Man Winter) won out.

Video below shows what happens to hot water when it meets cold air.

The car belonging to one of the guides had to be jumped also. The WI women were able to start their car and make it up the hill but within a mile or so got a flat tire. We believe the unsuccessful effort Thursday to make it up the hill and the tire spinning that occurred then contributed to the flat tire. Tony’s Towing put their doughnut spare on the car and they drove into town where it should have been possible to repair/replace the tire.

We will discover tomorrow what the damage is, how soon it can be fixed, and how much it will cost. But we remain in good spirits and look forward to trip 2 starting on Wednesday.

Ed and Chris 8:15 pm

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