2014 Trip Two, March 5,Deep South

Wednesday, March 5, East Moline, IL

Basic trip outline for Deep South Trip; March - April 2014

Basic trip outline for Deep South Trip; March – April 2014

This journey to the Deep South should bring us from the frigid tundra to warm sand beaches. But not yet. The cold continues with blowing snow in southern MN and northern IA and again here around Moline.

Ed, Chris, Adam, Shannon

Ed, Chris, Adam, Shannon

The only warmth we saw today was from my niece Shannon and her husband Adam when we visited them for lunch in Mason City. Adam gave us a tour of the sprawling and expanding facility for their company, The Dimensional Group. Then they treated us to lunch in downtown Mason City which is home to the last Frank Lloyd Wright designed hotel and the site of the last bank robbed by John Dillinger. The bank was also designed by Wright.

City National  Bank, Mason City IA

City National Bank, Mason City IA

The lunch was tasty and filling and we thought we would pass on dinner. However, tonight the hotel had their manager’s complimentary dinner; hamburgers, baked beans, salad and butterscotch pudding. Not as tasty as lunch but we did not want the hotel to think we did not appreciate their efforts so we dined again.

For those of you unaware of the ending to Trip One, our car did not start Sunday morning in Ely MN despite starting each of the three previous days. Repeated attempts to start/jump the car were unsuccessful and destroyed the starter. We finally arrived home Tuesday night, instead of Sunday night, after a new starter was ordered, delivered, and installed. We spent Tuesday night re-organizing for this trip and made it out of town Wednesday morning by 10.

The Deep South journey will explore areas we have never experienced before (except for South Beach). This trip will probably involve more B and B’s than all of the other trips combined. We thought it might help us experience the flavor of the south.

Ed and Chris 3/5/14 8:15 pm

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