2014 Trip Two, March 20 and 21, Deep South

March 21, Miramar Beach, FL, Friday

We took a day off from blogging. The last two days have been just relaxing and without touring. The timeshare we are staying at, Club Intrawest, is a Canadian based company. The Sandestin resort has condos, homes, golf courses, marina, tennis (people were actually playing tennis here), single family homes, etc. It has its own shopping and dining stores. It is overrun with one item; golf carts.

Sandestin shopping area

Sandestin shopping area

I keep forgetting about the prevalence of golf carts in Florida resort areas. They are everywhere holding up traffic. They cart people to fishing, beaches, golf, groceries, what have you. They are as bad as cars, in that both creatures seem to park anywhere they want, not just in the direction of traffic, not always with the rear end properly parked but frequently sticking out into the traffic lane.

Boardwalk on the bay side

Boardwalk on the bay side

We went to the beach, stuck our toes in the water, felt the wondrously soft, white sand. But the temperature is just at 70, there is a breeze, and the water is cool. So we did not spend much time there. Our choice has been the heated pool and whirlpool. The wind is kept at bay here and the sun is plenty warm in those circumstances. Evidently, the weekend and early part of the week was rainy. It is likely that the rain will be returning as we head over to Tallahassee for two nights.

At the white sand beach

At the white sand beach

I went bike riding both mornings on one of those heavy, one speed “cruisers”. I should have brought my padded bike shorts, the seats must be made of metal with no padding. Chris did laundry and other household tasks. In the afternoons we were at the pools and whirlpool, falling asleep in the sun.

For those of you who may plan to come to Florida in the future and drive your own car, remember that Florida has toll roads in parts of the state, certainly around Orlando and Miami, and that the toll roads do not take cash. Florida does not accept EZ Pass, just like Texas and Oklahoma do not.

Part of the Sandestin resort area

Part of the Sandestin resort area

We purchased a mini-transponder for $5 at Publix markets. Florida takes pictures of the license plates of violators and follows up for payment. But the Sun Pass transponder we bought saves 25% on the toll rates and avoids the $2.50 administrative fee on each violation. So it should be a cost saving device.

Ed and CHris March 21, 7:10 pm

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