2014 Trip Three, April 16-17, Boston

Boston, Friday April 18

We are in Boston to visit Deb and Rebecca for the Easter weekend. This will likely be the only trip this year by air and will be the shortest at 6 days. Trip One, Dogsledding in Ely was planned to be only five days but stretched to seven due to the winter car problems.

We had good news yesterday. Silver, our 2001 Saturn with 194,000 miles on it (50,000 in the last year) only needs minor maintenance work to put it ready for the next 8,000 or so miles. The brakes were acting up a bit towards the end of the trip but minor tweaking will resolve that.

Our Nikon camera has been replaced. It is still just a point and shoot but a slightly upgraded version. This one has a flash that pops up automatically when needed. Deb and Rebecca say it reminds them of Wall-E, from the movie of the same name. So it has been christened. The other camera was not unique enough to be named.

I had packed the camera in my suitcase for the flight. Would you not know that this is the first flight we can recall to Boston in which we arrived during daylight hours without cloud cover. The view of Boston Harbor and its island was great. You will have to take my word for it.

This trip will be more relaxing and less rushing around. We have been to Boston many times. The roads are still confusing and the drivers still aggressive. But we made it to Deb’s without getting lost.

Walden Pond

Walden Pond

Thursday we went on just one little jaunt, out to Walden Pond, site of Henry David Thoreau’s famous book. It is a state park today. By the way, he was originally named David Henry Thoreau. We walked around the lake on a chilly but sunny day. The pond was not frozen although there were a few patches of icy snow deep in the shade. Grass is green but most trees have not leafed out yet, not much different from St. Paul. You can see the lake and train tracks from his cabin area. The train tracks were here when he was here in the 1840s, today Amtrak zips along them.

View of Walden Pond from Thoreau's cabin site

View of Walden Pond from Thoreau’s cabin site

The Civil Rights theme from Trip Two, Deep South, seems to want to keep us thinking. In the bookstore at the State Park are numerous books about slavery and the abolitionist movement that was prominent in the Boston area. There were also two books about slavery in this area. I did not buy any, I am still reading “The Warmth of Other Suns” picked up in Birmingham about black migration from the South to the North during the period form WWI to the 1970s.



In the evening we went to Maundy Thursday services at the Paulist Center in downtown Boston where Deb and Rebecca go. The Mass includes the ritual of washing of feet as Christ did. Unlike Pope Francis who only washed the feet of twelve men and women in Rome, anyone in the church could come up and have their feet washed and then wash those of the next person in line. While we passed, many people participated which of course adds to the length of the service. My dad and Chris’s dad would have fretted at the length of time the service went on. I only got antsy.

Monday is Patriots Day in Boston and the Boston Marathon will be run. We saw numerous signs of the preparation for it. “Boston Strong” signs and colors are numerous. Boston Commons
had numerous tents up though the finish line is a few blocks away near the Convention Center. Chris and I had observed one marathon many years ago when we were here for a legal administrators conference.

Ed and Chris Friday April 18

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One thought on “2014 Trip Three, April 16-17, Boston

  1. Bernie

    Happy Easter. I went to Mount Oliver Luthern Church with my friend Connie last night. The service ended in silence and pitch darkness. Very cool.

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