2014, Trip Trip Three, April 18-19,Boston

Boston-Newton MA Saturday April 19

Spring is starting to pop up as the flowering trees start to show off their colors. As we drive around Boston, we reflect on how a mature Eastern city looks. Homes that are unique and not cookie cutter. Home colors that vary and have multiple contrasts, not all earth tones. Roads that never, ever go straight, only around curves and up and down slight hills. Lack of meaningful zoning so residences, retail, and industry are side by side. Dense areas with “Thickly Settled” signs so frequent you wonder why they don’t just put up a sign “Unthickly Settled” every now and then. It is amazing anyone can find their way around; I am not sure if the lack of street name signs is a budget saving device or a means to confuse visitors.

This trip is more relaxing and family and Easter oriented. Friday we took it easy in the morning and went to Good Friday services in the afternoon, again in downtown Boston. Dinner was at one of the Legal Seafood restaurants by the Aquarium and Long Wharf.

Jason Russell house Arlington MA

Jason Russell house Arlington MA

Deb and Rebecca are the co-chairs for their church’s major fund-raiser next Saturday night. They still have details to complete so while they worked today, Chris and I headed out to Arlington. We were going to the Jason Russell house on the suggestion of friends in MN. This was the site of a bloody encounter between the Brits and minute-men as the Brits were retreating from Concord and Lexington. We were pretty sure it would be closed since the web site stated it was open from Patriots Day until the end of September. But the friends had lived here so we thought we would stop by anyway.

Menotomy Park

Menotomy Park

The house and museum were closed, Patriots Day is Monday. After walking around the site, we headed to Menotomy Rocks Park. (Menotomy was the previous name for Arlington.) This was just a local but nearby park with some hills and a lake for walking around. We got our exercise and fresh air. We also got a donut and some milk at Dunkin Donut.

Menotomy Park

Menotomy Park

For dinner the four of us drove out to Worcester about an hour away and met Pete and Flo Sheils (Rebecca’s parents) for dinner at an Italian restaurant. We have always enjoyed our time with them and appreciated their being able to drive up and get together.

Dinner with Pete and Flo

Dinner with Pete and Flo

Chris and Ed April 19 10:15 pm

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