2014 Trip Four, May 8, The Southwest

Lake Powell, Page, AZ Thursday May 8

Home for the next 7 nights

Home for the next 7 nights

The Adventure Has Begun. We made it to Page and are on the houseboat. Normally the houseboat rental runs from Friday morning to early Thursday afternoon. We paid extra to pre-board the boat Thursday evening. You still can’t leave the marina but you can unload your car and arrange your stuff on the boat. Boy, this seems to be a real life saver so far.

Well, down in by the water my hot spot is not getting good enough connection to attach pictures. So I am uploading this (hopefully) with just the one picture and maybe can do more at another time.

The four of us have our clothing to arrange in a closet and no shelves. Oh, and no hangers. We have food and beverages for a week. (I have given up milk for the duration.) We have miscellaneous odds and ends like beach towels and first aid kit, etc. Storage space is at a premium. We also made a last minute run to Safeway and Walmart (sorry) for ice, etc. If we had to wait Friday morning for our turn to be processed and then load the boat, we wouldn’t get out of the marina until the middle of the afternoon.

Tomorrow morning we should get priority check out. Then we will see how well, or if, we can handle the houseboat. We have been told internet connection is good in the middle of the lake. But we will be beached at night in coves and in canyons. If you do not see a post for several days, we just do not have connections.

The day started in Durango CO will temperatures in the mid-30s, clouds and a few brief snow showers. The weather improved as we drove west. We had to be here early before the office closed at 5 to finish paperwork and we only stopped once for a brief visit at Four Corners, the location where Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado come together.

The Navajo nation runs the 4 corners monument. They charge $5 per person admission. I guess they need to make money some how. The site is bare bones; but they have managed to install four sides of brick enclosures so native arts and crafts can be sold. We took a few pictures and kept going.

The drive through Arizona returned to the Southwest theme of canyons, buttes, mesas and red rock. Juniper and pinon trees were growing in some locations. The rock formations can be striking. I expect we will see many more over the course of the next few weeks.

We did squeeze in a visit to the Glen Canyon dam. We did not take the tour, we have toured several others including Hoover, Grand Coulee, and one other along the Columbia river. The region is still suffering from a drought period, we can see where the water level had been much higher on the rocks by the dam.

Ed and Chris 11:45 pm

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