2014 Trip Four, May 12, The Southwest

Monument Valley, May 17 for Monday, May 12 on Lake Powell

Houseboat viewed from our hike

Houseboat viewed from our hike

Monday was clear, breezy and warmer-but not warm. Joyce was still feeling under the weather so Lou, Chris and Ed went for a two hour hike in the morning. We were beached in an area with rock cliffs not too far away so we decided to explore them. We ended up finding a creek bed also.

Lou and  Chris on  hike

Lou and Chris on hike

The cliffs are sandstone, or so sayeth our resident geologist (Lou has his BA and MA in geology). We found the terrain to be a combination of dry creek bed, hard rock, or soft, deep sand which was deeper and softer than any beach we have been on. The cliffs behind the boat evidenced varying degrees of erosion. There was one location that from the boat looked like a face with large mouth, two eyes, nose, etc. Up close the resemblance was still there but not as dramatic.

prickly pear cactus blooming after rain

prickly pear cactus blooming after rain

More blooming flowers

More blooming flowers

We passed the end of the cliff and started climbing up and discovered a wide area of wildflowers. Prickly pear we could identify, the others seemed to be ones we have seen before but could not identify. We hiked up higher and then discovered a creek bed with running water and green vegetation. A way down was found, not without challenge, but successful. After hiking a ways up the creek bed, we decided we might be biting off too much and headed back. Of course, we had to find our way back up the rock cliff. In the end, we made it safely back to the houseboat in time for lunch.

National Parks Monopoly

National Parks Monopoly

The afternoon we stayed in with Joyce and played National Parks Monopoly- a version that replaces streets with national parks and community chest with historic sites. Okay, yes we snacked also. Joyce, who had limited experience with Monopoly, was the winner.

We only had to replace one anchor site. The runoff from the mountains was continuing, not enough to make an impact on the drought in this area, but enough to make us worry that the water would start to seep into the hole. Most nights we would pick out a marke and see how much higher the water was the following morning.

View from  the hike

View from the hike

Full moon will be Thursday but we have been benefiting from the moon shining on the lake and rocks most nights. My camera does not take good night landscape shots so I can not demonstrate for you. The moon came out around 7-8:30 during this time period and made for dramatic viewing. Some nights the moon came up as the sun was going down. During the night, it was easy to check on the anchors and tethering ropes because the moon was so bright. It lit up the rock cliffs behind us and shined on the lake. A beautiful view. Of course, you know we must have planned this.

Ed and Chris Sat. May 17 at 6 pm for Monday May 12

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