2014 Trip Four, May 15-16, The Southwest

Tuesday May 20 Moab Utah for Thursday and Friday May 15-16, Lake Powell and Page AZ

The Great Adventure came to an end. We agreed it was more of an adventure than a vacation. The vistas were great, the hikes enjoyable, Rainbow Bridge a delight, the narrow canyons by powerboat a thrilling adventure, and the food and camaderie could not be beat. But, the nervousness over uncertain tasks to be accomplished, the suspense over the anchoring, and the unexpected hard work removed it from the vacation category. We certainly stretched our personal boundaries, successfully.

Dawn broke early with clear skies foretelling a great day ahead. Smooth sailing was forecast. The early morning was spent cleaning up, packing, and getting ready to unmoor. The powerboat had to be removed from the back of the houseboat and beached before we could take off. The four anchors had to be undug and stowed on the boat. Manning had to be taken for his last walk.

Joyce at the helm

Joyce at the helm

Once the powerboat was beached, Lou pushed up the gangplank on the houseboat and Joyce revved up the houseboat motors and shoved it in to reverse. We were unbeached. Lou had the chore of pushing the powerboat off the beach, hopping on board and then maneuvering it into position behind the houseboat where it was once again tethered and towed behind us. We were heading back to Wahweap Marina.

We left about 10:30 and arrived at 1:30. Maneuvering through the channels was a bit easier for Joyce; she even gave Lou a lesson on driving the houseboat. Wislely we called again for a pilot to come out and bring the boat in for re-fueling and then anchoring at the dock.

Maning with his life jacket

Maning with his life jacket

Our last looks were from an overlook of Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon dam. The dam was constructed over ten years, 1956 to 1966. 17 workers died during construction. The purpose of the dam is to impound water to control downstream flooding, water storage for the southwest and hydroelectric power. It took another 17 years for the water to rise to full levels. At full level, the lake depth is 560 feet at the dam.

Lake Powell is the second largest man-made lake in the U.S. It is 186 miles long with 1,960 miles of shoreline. There are 96 major canyons to explore. The Glen Canyon National Recreation Area encompasses 1.25 million acres, the lake is only 13% of the total.

We had to be off the boat by 3:30 and waiitng for the pilot and re-fueling took a while. We had gotten lazy and enjoyed the ride back so we still had to pack up the food, etc. But we made the deadline and then it was off. Joyce and Lou to the Lake Powell Resort where we spent Thursday night. Ed and Chris first to a drugstore to get medications for a cold and sore throat Ed picked up Wednesday. After four long hot showers we had an excellent dinner with alcohol at the resort restaurant.



Friday morning was departure day. Ed and Chris made a stop at Urgent Care (got there when they opened) to determine if Ed had strep throat. Ed did not. Then we did laundry and had breakfast.

Given Ed’s cold and sore throat, and Joyce’s not feeling well, we decided to pass up the jeep tour of the Antelope Canyon. This is supposedly one of the most photographed slot canyons in the US. We will have to make it another time.

Our next several days will be a bit more relaxed due to Ed’s cold and sore throat so if the narrative is skimpier than usual you will understand.

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend

We did spend a while hiking to Horseshoe Bend, a spot south of Page where the Colorado River makes, what else, a horseshoe bend. Our photo is not perfect. I was not willing to lean over the edge to get a spectacular photo.

Our next three nights will be at Monument Valley, a Navajo Nation Tribal Park. The drive was only a few hours and the hotel is noted for its views of the valley. Monument Valley is named for the numerous stone outcroppings located here. You will see many pictures in the days ahead.

Monument Valley at dusk

Monument Valley at dusk

Ed and Chris Moab May 20 8:45 AM

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4 thoughts on “2014 Trip Four, May 15-16, The Southwest

  1. Joyce

    An excellent recap of our Lake Powell adventures, Ed. Love the photo of Manning in his life jacket. The photo of Monument Valley at Dusk is lovely! Hope you’re feeling much better!

  2. Bernie

    And a good time was had by all, including the readers. We (the readers of your adventures) can take a deep breath and relax while you all recuperate. Thanks for taking us along.

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