2014 Trip Five, August 15, Summer in the Cities

Little Falls, MN Friday August 15

In the words of Chris and Ed; “Been there, Done that”. In the words of Brainerd International Raceway “For the NHRA Nationals, center stage is BIR’s quarter-mile drag strip, which will be where nitro-fueled dragsters will fly down the track at 320 mph while cranking out 10,000 horsepower, throwing out flames from their exhaust pipes and rattling the grandstands as they go by.”

Brainerd International Speedway

Brainerd International Speedway

Dragster at BIR

Dragster at BIR

Friday was to be our one day at the speedway, knowing it was just qualifying events. The big crowds come in Saturday and Sunday, allowing us to wander around in relative ease. Most of what we saw today was the Sportsmen category. In layperson parlance, (which we knew beforehand), two cars come up to the starting gate, they rev up, take off, you turn your head to watch them zoom by, repeat process. The grandstand seats are bleachers with no shade and while it was a glorious day, we were glad we had sunscreen on. We were also willing to go walk around.

walking around BIR

walking around BIR

waiting for their turn

waiting for their turn

There is easy access to the starting line so we watched the cars line up and perform last minute adjustments. There is easy access to the prep area so we watched crews work on cars. We stood several feet away from pro drivers as they autographed memorabilia for fans. We visited the merchandise area but nothing appealed to us. We passed by numerous tool vendors but with no mechanical aptitude and a condo, it was no problem to keep walking. We ate cheese curds.


at a pro's crew area

at a pro’s crew area

We did not have access to “The Zoo”, the camping area where all night activities and music go on. Maybe next time after we have purchased our $200,000 motor home. There was an RV sales and rental vendor so we stopped in to view a few of the smaller models. Again, nothing grabbed our fancy so our wallets stayed closed.

After a few hours, we turned to each other and said: “Do we want to go back to our grandstand seats and watch more races or head back to the B & B?” Heading back to the B & B won out. I am sure we missed the most exciting part of the Friday races but the thought of a late afternoon nap was too strong.

We leave you with photos and a video, so you can share the experience with us. We have probably done very little to truly enlighten you. We apologize for that.

Ed and Chris August 15 8:30 pm

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