2017 Trip Two: Tour of Texas March 16-17

Miami Beach, FL. March 17

Early morning ground cover fire in Georgia

This is a short post, more to let you know we are still around. Thursday, March 16 was our driving day from Fort Gaines GA to Miami Beach FL, about 580 miles. A 7 AM departure produced a 6:30 PM arrival with stops and traffic. Other than a constant flow of heavy-footed Florida speeders, the only notable items were two areas where the landowners appeared to be burning the undergrowth or old corps in their fields.

We had dinner at a regular spot of ours, the Front Porch cafe. It is less than a block from our lodgings at the Hilton Grand Vacation timeshare on Ocean Drive. The Front Porch always has tasty food at reasonable prices. Reasonable restaurant meal prices can be a challenge in Miami.

The Miami Ship Channel at South Pointe

On Friday, Miami Beach was cool. It was up to 70 but with a 15 mph wind. We hiked down to SouthPoint and the Miami Ship Channel where cruise ships and freighters enter and leave the city. In the afternoon we spent an hour on the beach, mainly bundled up to avoid the wind. The next few days should be warmer.

Chris on the beach Friday

Friday evenings the Wolfsonian Museum of Florida International University has free admission and a docent tour. The Wolfsonian focuses on items, not just art, from around 1850 to 1950. They had a special exhibition on Dutch design currently on display so enjoyed that before dinner at Spiga. Spiga is an Italian restaurant we have visit frequently and is only three blocks from our lodging.

The lobby of the Wolfsonian with vinyl prints highlighting the Danish modern exhibit, More is More.

As usual, the streets are crowded in Miami Beach although there is no major event happening. Spring breakers are still here but nothing overwhelming.

Ed and Chris. March 17

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One thought on “2017 Trip Two: Tour of Texas March 16-17

  1. How fun to be back at a place you are familiar with! Enjoy the “ole regulars” and hopefully the wind and cold die down. Enjoy.

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