2017 Trip Seven: Acadia and Cape Cod, Sept. 19

Ellsworth Maine, Wednesday Sept. 19

A carriage road bridge in Acadia National Park.

A shorter day today. After hiking 11 miles Sunday and 8 miles Monday, we only hiked 7 miles today. We returned to the carriage trails, looking for two bridges that were close to each other. Along the way, we conversed with some people who not only had lived in Minnesota, but one had worked with our first landlord in Minneapolis when we had just gotten married. All of the carriage road hikers we talked to were a pleasant, convivial bunch.

During the morning walk at Acadia National Park

One of the bridges was a recent addition, not designed by John Rockefeller and completed in 1995. It spanned a creek with a waterfall that was only trickling. It has been dry lately in Maine. The morning drizzle did not add much moisture.

Walking at Eagle Lake before the rains came

Walking at Eagle Lake before the rains came

We had lunch at the Asticou Inn, fresh popovers, seafood chowder and salad. Aren’t we the nutritious ones though? After lunch we went to Eagle Lake to hike along more carriage roads. Hah, we thought the lake walk would be flat. It had enough inclines to remind us that we have walked a good distance the last three days. About 2.5 miles, the drizzle turned to rain. We had to decide to walk back the 2.5 miles, complete the loop by walking 3.7 miles, or take a chance on the island shuttle bus service about which we knew nothing except we were close to a shuttle stop and our car was parked by a different shuttle stop. My legs and Chris’ concern about getting wet and cold dictated the shuttle bus option.

The Island Explorer shuttle is subsidized by L.L. Bean. There are 10 different routes and after Labor Day it operates on a less frequent schedule than during the summer. With help from friendly bus drivers and volunteer bus coordinators, we survived three bus rides to arrive dry and relaxed at our car probably only thirty minutes longer than walking. Choosing the shuttle had a bonus. I talked with a ranger who provided tips about how and where to watch the surf tomorrow at Schoodic Peninsula, a section of Acadia separate from Mount Desert Island and over an hour away.

We warmed up and relaxed at the hot tub at the Hampton and the extra time allowed me to finish blog posts for two days.

Ed and Chris. Tuesday September 19

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  1. cakraft@aol.com

    I love the pix of Eagle lake before the rain



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